6 Tiny Updates That Will Upgrade Your Home

So, here we are once again, saying goodbye to winter and counting down the days to spring… And I don’t know about you, but spring means only one thing to me. As soon as the first hints of spring appear, the windows are thrown open and the spring cleaning begins. My whole house is exposed and judged, from my wardrobe to the cupboards.

But this spring, I’m doing something special with my home. I’ve been reading and thinking a lot recently about how our homes affect our emotional states. Yellow walls are supposed to make you happy, or mad, for example. Blues are calming and the scents and the layout of your home all contribute to this.

So, this made me really want to put an effort into my home and think carefully about everything that made it what it was – home. This year it was all about creating a home that screamed positivity, was not only refreshing but de-stressing. I transformed my home into a cozy, fresh haven that takes all my anxieties away. This is how I did it…


Stage One: Organization


No spring cleaning can be done without going through your things deciding whether or not to keep them, or reorganizing them into a space that keeps your home clean and tidy.

And because clutter is one of the main causes of stress in the home, you need to make sure you’re on top of it all!

The only way to remove clutter from your life is by taking action against it, and when you can buy cute little things that make organization easier, means you can do it with ease and with style.

Here are my picks that will help you keep your home organized and fresh:



2. Step Two: Pick Your Colors Wisely



Believe it or not, but the color scheme in your home can really affect your mood. For example, colors like blue are really peaceful, calming colors unlike colors like red, which evoke more of an angrier emotion.

Orange: It’s a color that’s connected to action and it’s been proven to increase and work wonders on your energy levels, so including it in a workout room would definitely be a wise choice. It’s also a color that will allow you tap into your creativity.

Green: This color is your connection to nature and it will have a lot of calming effects on your home. Wherever you sit with your family most should have touches of green as it will allow you all to unwind and relax with each other.

Yellow: Like I’ve mentioned yellow is a color that evokes happiness, it’s light and it’s bright and will increase your positivity but only in small doses. Too much of it and you’ll go a little mad…

Blue: Like green, blue is a very calming color. Being the complete opposite of red, the color blue will have major effects on your mood and your body. Naturally, your heart rate will be brought down as well as your blood pressure, making it the perfect color for relaxation. Include in areas like your bedroom and bathroom to unwind properly. But only include this color in rooms that get a lot of sunlight, otherwise, it can take on a lot more of a colder connotation.



Step Three: Use Light To Your Advantage



Darker rooms can, of course, keep you in a low mood and won’t bring you much energy. Just think of it this way, a flower needs sunshine to grow, and so do you!

So, even if you have minimal natural light to play with I would advise knowing how to bounce it, and you can do this with mirrors that are strategically placed. This will bring extra brightness to your room, making it feel fresher!

My next tip is to avoid using ceiling lights when possible, these can be too bright and not affect your mood positively.

Make it cozy with floor and desk lamps and watch how this will change your mood! Take a look at some of my choices:




Step Four: Bring The Outside In



Seeing as it’s nearly spring, means it’s time to get tropical! Add some plants and greenery to your home for an instant mood boost. This won’t only elevate you but will make the home fresher and more oxygenated!

And there’s a science behind them – by including them in your house, you’ll actually be placing calming factors in your space.

So, see your stress levels disappear with these uplifters:




Step Five: Surround Yourself With Positivity



I’ve started a wall of positivity in my home. Recently I’ve discovered that I should showcase the moments I’m most proud of, my steps to success and things that bring me joy.

And it’s important to have these little reminders around your home. They will uplift you and even motivate you towards your goals.

You can do this easily with pictures of loved ones, motivational messages on posters and your accomplishments. Check out how you can do this:


Step Six: Bring It All Together



So, once you have all these components come together, it’s your chance to add the finishing touches. And these are my favorite!

They are the things that make a house a home. And these can even include a few de-stressors! Things like candles and diffusers can add peace and calm to your home and even make it a sanctuary for you relax in!

Check out what I would include:




Q. Do you always spring clean?



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