How To Upgrade Your Blog And Make It Super Popular

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The perks of having a super popular blog are many, you get to connect with like-minded people, you get the affirmation that what you say is interesting enough to be shared with a vast audience and you get more opportunities for paid work and attending important events.

But getting your blog from blah to ta-da isn’t easy. Here are a few things I’ve learned through our year and a half working on CGD and talking with some of the biggest bloggers around about their content.

Have a brain dump 
Sunday is a great day to do a brain dump. Get a piece of paper, get some books, magazines, TV shows and websites around you and soak in the inspiration. Start writing post ideas and only stop when you have enough for two weeks. The ones you’re most excited about can go up sooner if you’d like.

Live and die by your editorial calendar
I have a major panic attack if we aren’t at least 3 weeks ahead of ourselves, because when we’re organized, it’s less hassle and headache for me. If something comes up that I think is popular or important to mention, I add it at the beginning of the week.

Quality over quantity. 
Someone I know recently lamented that a 15-second video they shared got more views than the entire content of their website had in a year. Sometimes a quality post of minimal words will do better than a lengthy post with no substance. Remember that.

Writing matters. 
If you aren’t a confident writer, you should definitely use Grammarly. I do because I’m not superhuman and sometimes I miss mistakes. Grammarly is my bro looking over the post with me. Make sure you are writing for both types of reader, the reader who skims, and the reader who will hang on to your every word.

SEO isn’t that hard. 
When I first started doing SEO I had no idea what I was doing, but now it’s second nature. My keywords aren’t always in the first paragraph of my copy, nor are they always unique, but they work. There are WordPress plugins that will help you figure out whether you have good SEO.

Don’t bore us! 
It’s hard to be informative without being boring. I know. But if you read something you’ve written and aren’t excited by it, most likely your readers aren’t either. Add a little personal information into it, crack a few jokes, that’ll incite people to stay!

Your site is a billboard.
I read somewhere that the average time someone will spend on a site is two minutes, so you should treat your site like a giant billboard at the side of the road. People are constantly passing by, but you want them to remember you and come back to your brand.

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