How To Use A Planner To Organize Your Life In 4 Steps

The only way to get everything under control is to sit down and think about it. Successful people are on top of everything, from work to home life, and they stay on top of it all by keeping a record of everything they’ve done and everything they need to do. They know how to use a planner for work, and how to make sure their home life is running smoothly too.


A daily planner can help you get a hold on everything and will become a lifeline to keep everything you need to do in one handy place. All you need to do is use it to break every area of your life in manageable chunks.

1. Set one big goal for the day

Start the day off with one big goal. This will set the tone for all your tasks for the day, and every time you write down your tasks you can refer back to your original goal and make sure everything you’re doing is in line with that! One day you might decide your goal is to be healthier, for example. Making it the first thing you write down means you’ll be motivated before you begin.

2. Create a scratch pad

A scratch pad is basically a place to write down everything you can think of that you have to do. The Getting Things Done planner has a large lined area perfect for getting all your to-dos out of your head and onto paper, limiting distractions. You can find it here. You can easily order these tasks using the bullet journal system, highlighters, and stickers, or numbers.

3. Go in-depth into your action plan and organize your outcomes

Once you’ve got all your to-dos written down, it’s important to create an action plan for this. Figure out how you’re actually going to break it down. Leave a bit of space between each task if you like to break it down into bullet points, or small timed exercises. Take a few minutes to figure this out and plan your day. Label your outcomes and your action plan clearly. When do you want to hit that deadline?

4. Get your personal life together 

Don’t stop at just your work tasks, because you can easily feel overwhelmed if you’ve got chores, to-dos and meal plans looming down on you. The Getting Things Done planner has room to plan your whole life in one go. You can write down your meals, expenses, shopping list. You can also make a note of appointments, treats, and rewards you deserve after working so hard. Write it all down in one Photographed by Career Girl Daily at LA Suite West. Makeup by Jane Pirosko. 


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