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Valuable Lessons From Billionaire Business Woman Denise Coates

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It’s likely you may never of heard of Denise Coates, however I’m sure you have heard of global online gambling site bet 365. Denise Coates is the talented British business woman behind the company. Forbes released last year that Denise Coates net worth was a huge £1.6 billion making her one of the wealthiest business women in the UK.

Take a gamble

Coates has previously described her business venture as the ‘ultimate gamble’ launching the company in 2001 after borrowing money and business loans, luckily for Coates her gamble paid off as the Internet was beginning to boom and online gaming and betting became increasingly popular and successful.

Start small and learn from what you already know

Coates is an inspiration and hope for all career girls out there as she is a self made business woman, starting out working for her father in his betting offices and turning over his businesses to a larger bookmaker Coral. Coates learnt her trade and spotted a gap in the market and took a gamble! It goes to show that sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and take the risk.

Be prepared for hard work if you want to create a successful business

In the early years Coates would spend 24 hours on the business working and building the company’s profile, bet365 is a 24/7 business which would require 24/7 attention. Coates is proof that if you put in the hard work and determination in the beginning stages you will be rewarded and it will get easier.

That’s not to say the hard work doesn’t continue but the rewards are certainly clear! Coates is co-founder and owner of one of the world’s largest gambling sites which features in over 200 countries and her lifestyle has now calmed down into a more normal routine which she can enjoy after years of building her lucrative brand.


  1. camille says

    She is such an inspirational woman

  2. Samantha says

    I can see how all of these are essential! With high risk comes high reward, and nothing worth having comes easy.

    Blue Eyed Adventurer

  3. Suzy Turner says

    What a fabulous inspiration to all us ambitious women out there!
    Suzy x

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