6 Vlogs To Watch On A Cozy Night In


The UK is facing some serious weather conditions at the moment, so it’s no surprise that we’ll be spending our Saturday night tucked under the covers.

And what better reason to catch up and watch some of our favorite vlogs!

That’s right, this week we’re swapping Netflix for the coolest vloggers and we’re not complaining!

So, if you’re looking for a reason to stay in to then here are 6 vlogs you need to watch:

1. Travel the world:
Romee Strijd



If you want to see how a model gets down then I would highly recommend Rommee Strijd’s vlogs!

And trust me, you’ll be completely obsessed and won’t be able to stop watching! Watch her travel around the world and try and not get too jealous!

2. One the girls can relate to:
Jenna Marbles



I have loved Jenna Marbles ever since her Britney video all of those years ago. I feel like she started the game and she is even more relevant now than ever before.

If there’s one thing for sure, she will certainly make you laugh out loud! As her vlogs include day-to-day things we’re all guilty of doing!

3. Step up your beauty game:
Ali Andreea



Ali is so respected amongst the beauty community and she will show you how to achieve the perfect natural look with the best products!

Every time I watch one her videos I’m convinced into buying so many things because of her amazing recommendations! So, if you’re looking to do the same then check her out!


4. Learn something new:
Jessica Kobeissi



I don’t even know how to use a camera, but I love watching these challenges. They’re so cool and addictive that you can’t help but be obsessed.

But if you have any interest in photography then this girl is the one to watch. She’s amazing, talented and will show you how to be a pro!

5. Stalk your fav celeb:
Shay Mitchell



You don’t have to be a PLL fan to be in love with Shay Mitchell! She’s relatable, down-to-earth, and a really lovable girl!

And her vlogs are absolutely amazing! I can’t stop watching every single one as she covers everything from beauty to lifestyle! Give her a watch!

6. Motivate yourself:
Will Smith



Will Smith is now going to be doing a lot more vlogs on YouTube to inspire and motivate us to live our dreams. And we honestly couldn’t think of anyone better for the job.

He’s so inspiring, and somebody you can feel confident listening to. Plus, he will make you laugh as well with some of his sillier videos!

7. See how a model gets her groove on:
Vogue Beauty Secrets



One of my favorite things to do is spy on how models get ready. And Vogue lets you do exactly that! I can watch video after video without ever getting bored.

It’s one of the coolest channels ever as you can see some of your favorite role models get ready and see what they use to look as good as they do!


Q. Which vlogs are you obsessed with? Tell me below! 



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  1. I will always choose blogs over netflix (shock!!) and can’t wait to check some of these guys out as I have been watching all the same people for years! How did I not realise that Will Smith was vlogging now, I am going to get onto that right now! Thanks for the recommendations.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

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