Could Volunteering Be The Key To Getting Your Dream Job

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I was actively involved in voluntary work all throughout High School, but it wasn’t until I moved to Madrid to carry out a European Voluntary Service that I really got to value what it means to be a volunteer.

Looking back, I realize that it’s so important to do some volunteering at least once in your life, here are a few reasons why . . .


Volunteering allows you to get to know people you might have never gotten to known otherwise: For example, if you choose to volunteer while you’re still in college, you’re likely to get to know people who are equally active – not only in voluntary work but generally. This can allow you to build a great network!


During my time in Madrid, I worked in a residential home for the elderly twice a week. I feel like nowadays I live a somewhat fast life as I always seem to be thinking of three things at once – when do I have to hand in that article, when am I going to meet that friend, when am I going to take that class etc. During my time in the home, I was so focussed on scissors, glue and more as we were mostly doing crafts, that I didn’t have time to think about anything else – and that felt extremely relaxing!


Voluntary work can give you a safe space. In your internships and in your jobs, you might be scared to make mistakes, but in voluntary work, although you might be given huge responsibility, you’re usually also given space to experiment. During my time in Madrid, I was able to make a video about my experience there and it was great to get to know all the equipment that’s necessary to do so!


While you are also given space to experiment, voluntary work can also give you the opportunity to create your own projects: If you’re working in a public relations agency, it may take a lot of time until you’ll be carrying out your first very own project – but in your voluntary work people will most likely welcome it if you start your own projects.


Last but not least, voluntary work is all about giving back to society – and we should never forget about that! Being able to give something back for everything we’ve been given can be a great feeling which everyone should be able to experience.


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  1. I started as a volunteer for special events while I was in college, and continued to get promotions until I was the manager. Volunteering is huge!

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