7 VSCO Cam Filters Settings For Better Instagram Photos

If you don’t know about the VSCO app then boy are you about to be excited. And if you’ve never, heard of it before, then where have you been? Every major blogger, influencer or anyone serious enough about their Instagram feed will tell you that it’s an app you need. Including me! It’s super easy and allows you to edit photos like never before so you can take your feed to the next level.

So, if you’re trying to create Instagram goals or become the next biggest content creator, then here’s a good place to start. They have filters for every mood, every color scheme and every vibe you want to achieve/create. It might even give you some inspiration. So, trust us when we tell you that it makes transforming your Instagram that much easier. Here’s my favorite filters:


1. Indie Blush



C1 is quite a light, bright filter. But using the presets in the photo brings the saturation down and gives it quite a vintage feel. If you want your feed to be really cool and have a slight hue to the photos, this is the one to use! C1 is free and can be found in your VSCO app.


2. Minimalist And Modern



This is the perfect filter for a minimalistic theme with a blush, girly tone. It’s light, slightly faded and picks up nude and pink tones perfectly. C7 is part of the Chromatic Collection and is around $2.99 for 6 filters.


3. Natural And Bright



This is the filter you need if you’re a fan of green and white, especially if you like modern, bright decor. It really lightens pale tones whilst defining darker warmer tones. As long as your photo has lots of natural light, it will look amazing! Filter 05 is part of The Legacy Collection and is around $1.99 for 10 filters.

4. Modern Grunge



If you’re after something a bit edgy, this is the perfect filter for you. Dusty, grungy and a little dark, this is a great filter for those cool girl gatherings, traveling, trips and fireworks nights. Great for fall! P5 is a free filter.


5. Summer Vacay



Vacation season is nearing once again, which means you can upload your lush holiday pics to Instagram with this filter. HB1 is free too, just navigate to the shop and download the free HypeBeast collection!


6. Light & Dark



Want a light and dark feed? A6 and A5 are the perfect filters for a modern light and dark feed with a little tint. A5 has a slightly warm hue, whereas A6 will really brighten and make those dark tones crisp and clear. A5 & A6 are part of The Aesthetic Series (found in the VSCO app store) and are free!


7. A Chic Look 



X1 is a great black and white filter, it adds a soft fade to your photos and creates a really chic, light look. The X-Series was part of the Heavy Fade pack for 99 cents, but you may be able to get it for free in VSCO now.



Beth Macdonald

Managing Editor

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