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Wait What? Meet The Professional Mermaid Who Is Living The Dream

Meet Melissa Dawn, she’s a real-life mermaid who swims with wildlife in the ocean for a living.It’s fair to say, ‘Melissa the Mermaid’ is going about life in the right way and is quite literally living out many young girl’s dreams. Melissa spends her days performing in pools and giant tanks – as well as swimming freely through the luscious waters surrounding the Cayman Islands.

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Before setting out to do her day job as an elegant siren of the sea, Melissa undergoes a transformation which involves putting on a tail that weighs 60 pounds. Melissa is so good at being a mermaid, she even convinces creatures of the sea which leads to them sometimes trying to make a meal out of her. Some of the waves Melissa performs in can reach twenty metres in height. Recently she had a close encounter with a stingray and an encounter with a bowmouth guitar fish. Though regardless of the dangers of the deep, this Mermaid won’t let risk get in the way of her living the dream.Where sharks are predictable, Jellyfish aren’t. She knows the patterns of sharks and that they aren’t looking for food in the form of a giant mermaid of a similar size to their own.









Photos: Credit: Viralthread






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  1. Emily Thompson says

    This is so cool! Can I please be a mermaid? haha

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