The Genius Trick To Looking Five Years Younger In Just Five Minutes



Want to know something amazing? You can apparently look younger over five months by doing one simple thing; Face Yoga. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about the trend, but I never realized it could be that effective. Even the new princess to-be Meghan Markle does it!

All you have to do is thirty-two facial exercises for thirty minutes – you can even do it with your feet up in bed! So, why not try it? Seeing as the anti-aging industry is worth $250 billion we could all save a little money by trying these facial exercises instead (get ready to pull some silly faces):

1. Plump those cheeks:


If you would describe yourself as having quite a bony face and want it to be fuller and plumper for a natural, youth-boosting look then this video will really help you out. Those who have bonier faces can look older than their actual age – and who wants that? I, for one, suffer from chubby cheeks, which she also has a method for!


2. Tone your forehead:


Ignoring those little lines that are popping up on my forehead is getting a little harder to ignore. Nobody wants to be left with deep frown lines creasing up their forehead, which usually means people resort to Botox. But try this method first, it will make your skin firmer and more toned – which will save you from cosmetic procedures!

3. Laugh without lines:


Laughter lines aren’t completely awful, it shows that we’re happy people that like to smile and have a good giggle. But when your face is beginning to be etched with them even when you’re not smiling trying this simple exercise can help you diminish them, so you can laugh without the lines!

4. Say goodbye to dark circles:


Dark circles are a major problem for us – early morning and lates night can leave us looking a little worse for wear. And I usually just buy creams that promise to take care of this problem for me. But now, there’s a method to help you achieve younger looking eyes that will eradicate those dark circles for good!

5. Lose that double chin:


This one is my favorite! I think every girl is a little bit paranoid that she has a double chin (I know I do), but you can do these facial exercises which will tone up your neck muscles, which means goodbye to that double chin! Who knew it could be that easy?

Want to take it the extra mile?

Take your facial exercises the extra mile by pairing them with these bad boys that are keeping our faces younger for longer!

So, this roller is brilliant for stimulating blood circulation, which is great for keeping your face youthful! It will help shape and contour your facial muscles and work to tone your face too! You can use it all around your face, even on your eyes to reduce puffiness!

Shiffa Jade Roller $63 available here
Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream $85-475 available here

I’ve heard a lot about CDLM and I’ve even seen it in action and it really works wonders! There’s no wonder it comes with a hefty price tag, but if you’re looking to improve firmness and eradicate fine lines and wrinkles then you should really think about investing in this cream.

Are you going to give it a go? Let’s talk about it below!



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