Want Perfect Hair? 5 Easy Insider Tips That’ll Help YOUR Hair This Winter

We all want perfect hair right? With endless commercials in magazines, Youtube and even on blogs, how do you know what works best for you? After trying tons of hair products and having lots of bad hair days and product fails, I’m going to share 5 tips that will hopefully work for you as much as they’ve worked for me.

1. Expensive is not always better
Trust me, you can find the products in your kitchen. Dry hair? Try olive oil. Lack of moisture? Try honey as it’s a natural humectant. My favorite hair products are from Lush (love their conditioners), Toni & Guy and John Frieda. There are tons of other brands I love – it’s the same with clothes I love to keep things simple. If it works, it works, and I’ll be a loyal user for a long time. Unless something amazing comes out that I HAVE to try.

2. Know your hair
Is your hair dry, prone to breakage, coloured or very thin? This one seems logical but you have to know the issue first so you can find a way to solve it. Try to do some research on Google and find girls who have the same hair type as you have. For instance, a friend a mine visited me a while ago and she used my shampoo and conditioner, which I personally love but it gave her a very bad hair day…

Fine and straight hair: avoid oils and silicone serums (they weigh down fine hair) try to go for a thickening shampoo and conditioner or a volumizing mist.

Thick and straight hair:  avoid volumizers and try a styling oil or smoothing cream to style your hair.

Curly/Kinky hair: avoid products containing alcohol also skip the dry shampoo. Try to use products that will add lots of moisture

Wavy hair: we don’t want frizz so try to use wave enhancers, styling cream, and oil. Avoid straightening creams and gels

3. Do your research first before buying
Before buying a product do some research first. There are tons of beauty reviews on the internet. (CGD often love to share favorites with you girls). See what other people think of it and after this you can decide if it worth a try or not.

4. Keep it simple
Quite often if you ask a girl with amazing hair about her regimen; she will tell you: “Uhm, I don’t do anything actually…” So no expensive conditioner or miraculous product? It’s quite easy, if you want ‘perfect’ hair you should keep things simple, stop using your flat iron every day. It’s extremely damaging to your hair, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet and try to treat your hair like silk, this way it will split less and looks so much healthier.

5. Find a great hairdresser
I’ve underestimated this for a long time but having a hairdresser that you trust to do a great job is extremely important. Having a great haircut makes all the difference and will really boost your confidence. Getting tips from an expert will never hurt and hey, some ‘me’ time once a while is something we Career Girls could really use.

Photo: Regine Manoy for Career Girl Daily

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