7 Tips On How To Become A Go-Getter Girl


Building a career can be a long process, and there may be mornings when you want to hide under the covers all day. But if you want something you need to go out and get it! It is YOU who holds the key to getting what you want, as all you truly need is passion and determination.


#1 – Set yourself goals

A go-getter needs a clear set of goals. A great way to do this is a personal development plan (PDP) or action plan, a table which includes: set goals, actions of how they will be achieved and to what time scale. It provides something to work towards and keeps you focused.

#2 – Be ready for hard work

The go-getter always goes that extra mile, willing to work hard to get what they want. Because eventually that hard work will pay off…honestly!

#3 – Be Motivated

Motivation is key, stay strong and positive, always keeping your goals in sight to help get through the challenging days.

#4 – Organise yourself

It seems simple, but planning makes life so much easier. Keep a diary and prioritise events, work and social life to ensure you never miss a thing and have a clear head.

#5 – Be Confident

Believe in yourself and be confident in what you do, tell yourself you can do this and you will achieve your goal in the end.

#6 – Don’t be disheartened by a NO

Everyone will get their fair share of no’s when climbing the career ladder, the best way to deal with them is to not be discouraged and keep going. One day you will get that YES and it will have all been worth it.

#7 – Make yourself known

Take every opportunity and really put yourself out there. If you make yourself known at a networking event your name could be remembered by the right person and could open many doors in the future.

A go-getter will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. So when you have one of those mornings when you want to hide from the world, power through, get up and carry on, because it is determination which will get you to where you want to be.

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Written by Kelsie Mcphail

  1. I got used to hearing no lots but it makes that YES feel 10x more exciting and valuable!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. Although i have no clear goal for my future at the moment this post has honestly helped, i love the thought of creating some sort of action plan or diary to keep myself organised and balance school/blogging etc, thank you! xx

  3. I have two recommendations for those who want to be successful: do your thing with real passion, with sparkle in your eyes and with enjoyment, AND don´t take NO as an answer, because there is always a way to solve any situation.

    Good luck :)
    Terje / http://www.todaysfavorites.com

  4. Great tips and very encouraging
    I needed to read this today
    Hope you don’t mind, but I shared it on twitter also

    BLEURGH – http://www.bleurghnow.com

  5. Hearing no can be such a hard thing at first, but after awhile it’s almost like life is issuing you a challenge and you work so much harder for that YES!

  6. This is exactly what I needed to read today, thank you. I am trying to get on the career ladder as a new graduate, it is tough but you definitely need to be a real go-getter in this day and age!

  7. This blog has inspired me to follow step 1 and set myself goals. Although I’m super organised with my daily schedule and I know what I want to achieve, I haven’t written my goals down to a timescale. I think this will help me achieve more in a quicker time period. I’m going to do this today. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Helen | The Little Giraffe

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