6 Ways To Organize Your Entire Life



It can be so difficult to actually find the time to sit down and actually organize your life. You’ve got a basic idea of what you need to do, you just haven’t figured out in what order yet. Well, give yourself that fifteen-minute break per day to sit down and list your life. Ranking your priorities. These are six useful ways to organize your life.

1. Give everything a home

Socks lying on the floor, towels in the bath tub and one shoe seemingly missing. This is not the life you want to be living. Have a section for your shoes, a rack for your towels and put all your dirty laundry in a basket. This clean environment will give you a clean mind. Your keys have a new home in a nice gold tray on the entrance table and it will stay there when not in use. Keep all your items in their homes so you no longer are searching for that missing shoe when you’re actually supposed to be at the office.

2. Get Writing

Buy a funky daily calendar and write all that you have to do on it. Buy a journal and scribble down your appointments and daily goals. Just write it down so you don’t forget! A spare piece of paper does not count. It needs to be something physical that again, stays in its home. So whenever you complete a task you can look at your list and see what’s next.

The Master Plan Journal available here, The Five-Minute Journal available here, Secret Journal notebook available here.

3. Stay away from bargains

Bargains and sales may seem like a good idea, but in reality, these sales are getting you to spend more money on items you don’t necessarily need. One of my good friends pointed this out to me when we went shopping together as I held all my purchases in my hands. He said, “Lisa realistically, you are not going to wear these clothes because they’re either not weather permitting or they’re not in fashion”. At the time I chuffed and said these were good clothes! But he was right, it was far too hot for that long sleeved sweater. The same goes with food items, yes this yogurt is two for one but are you really going to consume that amount of yogurt by yourself by the time it goes out of date? Learn from my mistakes and organize your closet and fridge with stuff you need and will actually use.

4. Delegate responsibilities

If you live in an apartment with other people, organize who is taking the trash out on what days, who is on toilet cleaning duty and when you’re all going food shopping. This will save you some huge shouting matches and will make everything clear. You can even buy cute calendars and write out your assigned chores.

5. Food priorities

When you go shopping for food, go after eating. You are guaranteed to spend way more money and buy unnecessary things when you are hungry. You’ll come home with doughnuts and a melon you have no room for.

So now you have come home from food shopping place the food that you bought in your fridge and cupboards in order of expiration dates. This way you are more likely to eat what is in front and which goes out of date sooner.

6. Buy a watch 

A watch may seem old-fashioned in the age of tech. But being on time never goes out of style to your boss. Sure, you have a mobile which has the time on it. But every time you take your phone out just to look at the time you think, hm social media time. So give up that game of klondike and stop teasing your social media addiction. Buy yourself a watch and just glance down when you need to know the time. Why you even complaining about an extra accessory?

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  • Sarah

    Great tips! I’d neve thought about organising the fridge like that :)

  • Jessica Wen

    So useful, organising my life will be a lot easier with a nice watch and a notebook ;)

  • lilian Tahmasian

    love these tips! especially the last one :)


  • mediamarmalade

    love these tips

    Mel x http://mediamarmalade.com/

  • Arden Moore

    These tips are great!

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  • Meg

    Super tips! I will add, meal planning, so when go to shops, only get what really need for week ahead.

  • Sophie Spaldin

    Love this, it’s all so true! I love writing things down, makes you feel so much better about everything!x