5 Ways To Avoid Boredom At Work

Ways To Avoid Boredom At Work

Even the most exciting job can get a bit boring after a while, and at first we don’t even notice. It hasn’t been more than a couple of weeks at your first job, and you already seem to have lost all enthusiasm for the process. This usually happens when you are interning for a position and aren’t given many responsibilities. Other people in the office treat you like a kid and you feel out of place. The tasks are repetitive, boring and mind numbing. You have serious trouble focusing on your work and actually find it difficult to stay awake during work hours.

 Here are my tips that should help put the spark back into your job:

5 Ways To Avoid Boredom At Work

#1 – Make a to-do list
It always pays to make a to–do list of the daily tasks that you would like to accomplish by the end of the day. By making such a list you will start having a concrete vision of your responsibilities. Time will also pass much faster and you won’t feel quite as useless as you earlier felt. However, if you feel (most likely) that your abilities can be better used in another role, approach your team leader or supervisor and ask him for more challenging responsibilities.

#2 Mix it up
Try to change some your daily routines. Maybe you could start with a different task, mix things up a bit, change the time you take a break, make your calls in the morning, don’t check emails for 2 hours, etc. Just think of the little things you could change to break up the daily grind.

#3 Make new friends at work
One thing that is exciting (and scary) about starting a new job is meeting new people and getting to know your colleagues. You could try to meet other people, from other department or functions. Start looking around. Is there maybe someone or a group of people that you like the look of? Just introduce yourself and see how things go.

#4 Ask for new tasks.
When you see there isn’t enough work in your department. Try to find new tasks instead of finding a new job, you might be able to make the existing one a little different. This will give you an opportunity to display your organization skills and establish yourself as a creative thinker, a hard working team player and a natural leader outside your given role.

#5 Go for promotion
If you want added responsibilities you have to show your supervisor what you are capable of. If you are asked to present a report on your department’s performance, do additional analysis and or prepare an updated format. Going out of your way to add value to your usual tasks will make you a go-getter and impress your supervisors. Take initiative to start a new project!

I hope these tips were useful? They are all things I have done in my own career and they have helped me keep away any boredom. I am always interested to hear your views on the topic. Also, if you have any other ideas of how to fight boredom at work, then please share them in the comments below…

  1. I love To-DO lists! :) At work I just love hanging out with co-workwrs though.. When I am not working, off course.

  2. I can definitely second “asking for new tasks” as a great way to reinvigorate yourself in your job. After years of the same thing day in and day out (or at least it felt that way) I approached my boss with a proposition to spin my job off in the one area that I liked doing the best- projects. It was on a year trial basis and it has been great! He sees how much happier and motivated I am, and I get to do something I really enjoy, even on the occasions when I step back into doing the things that previously frustrated me so. It’s been more than a year now and I’m still at it.
    Bottom line…at least give it a shot. The worst that can happen is your boss can turn the idea down and you’re no worse off than your current position. :-)

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