How To Wear Jeans To Work

Granted, not everyone can get away with wearing jeans to work. Most corporate environments tend to go for a more clean, sophisticated look. But there are some industries where you can somewhat get away with it. And I’m super lucky that I work in a creative job, and as long as I style my jeans to make the perfect outfit, then there’s no reason why it can’t be deemed professional and fashionable at the same time! So, let me show you some examples of how you can pull jeans off at work and still be the envy of the office:


Let your accessories be your outfit

When you’re wearing jeans to work, you don’t want to look like you do on the weekend when you’re wearing them. Instead, you want to make your outfit next level by dressing it up with accessories. They’re a girl’s best friend and your chance to get away with wearing jeans to the office. Slogan shirts work really and don’t be afraid to liven it up your shoes/bag.

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Building an outfit like this is easy, especially if you want to let your accessories do the talking for you! Pick out simple core pieces, which will act as your base and then you can dress it up with these accessories:


Be smart with your styling

When it comes to wearing jeans you have to be really smart in the way that you style it. The look you’re going for is cool professional and you need to incorporate some elements to create the perfect look. And this can be done with matching colors and being really basic when it comes to your core pieces.

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The ways to make sure you’re styling your outfit properly begin with matching the color of your t-shirt to your shoes – in this case, it’s the black t-shirt and the black boots. Then if you pair it with a blazer on top it’s almost like you’re not wearing jeans at all! Check out these pieces to help you style those jeans perfectly:


Pair them with a blazer

The perfect way to dress up your jeans is with a blazer, it will take you from drab to fab instantly. And its a huge trend at the moment – all our major fashion influencers are showing off the look making us want to do it too!

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The one major way our fashion influencers are getting away with wearing jeans is by pairing them with a blazer! And any blazer works fine for this! It’s a new trend that’s sweeping across continents and it takes your style game from zero to hundred! Take a look at our fav blazers below:


Don’t be afraid of color

Adding color to your outfit when you’re wearing jeans can really transform your look. Your outfit will look well put together and it won’t look like you’re just wearing jeans! You don’t have to overload on the color, but just be careful where you inject it and how!

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Below I’m going to show you the most stylish way how you can interject color into your outfit. All you need is a few statement pieces that take all of the attention, which in turn won’t make your jeans the main focus:


Tuck it in

One of the ways you can turn your jeans into a fashionable outfit is by tucking in your t-shirt or shirt into your jeans. It’s the stylish thing to do right now and it will really help you rock your look. But it’s not only stylish but smart without having to go full on corporate.

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This is a really natural, effortless look! It’s so easy to put together and is professional enough to mix it into your work wardrobe. All you need is a few cute shirts and a good pair of jeans and voila, you’re ready! Look at our favs:

Our jean picks:

What do you think about wearing jeans to work?


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