My Week In Food: Food Diary Of A Career Girl

What do we eat during the week? We’ve decided to keep a weekly food diary to show you what’s on the menu for busy career girls juggling their lives with their careers.

Enjoy the weekend and take a glimpse at the week in food of our Editorial Intern, Sophie!


Monday food diary


I often work from home so luckily I can prep my own food from fresh – but if I’m out and about I do my best to still eat healthy! I am quite the avid gym-goer and train 3-4 times a week, mainly weight training, therefore I have a fairly strict diet that incorporates plenty of protein and fresh veggies – don’t get me wrong though, I’m not afraid to eat a piece of cake now and then!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Porridge with fresh strawberries

Lunch: Harissa chicken salad with giant cous cous, lentils and lemony yoghurt dressing    

Dinner: Chicken Provençal, steamed Tenderstem broccoli with spinach & ricotta tortellini – finished off with a little Parmesan.


Tuesday food diary


Tuesday was a work from home day for me. Today I’m recovering from last night’s gym sesh, so I’m being sloppy and working from my laptop on my bed. I juggle working on CGD and running my partner’s new website plus his social media accounts. Although I am busy I enjoy making my lunch – I usually eat a lot of eggs because they’re super quick and cheap!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Wholemeal apple, sultana and cinnamon pancakes

Lunch: Creamy mushrooms on toasted ciabatta with poached egg

Dinner: Jerk chicken thighs with rice & peas


Wednesday Food diary


Wednesday is my busiest day; I meet up with CGD’s Editor Beth – where we catch up and do some serious brainstorming for the weeks ahead! I find it really difficult to eat super healthy when I’m out, especially because London is so expensive, but also you have to settle with whatever is available – I usually end up getting a sandwich and coffee!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Porridge with chia seeds, blueberries and a squidge of honey

Lunch: Chicken, avocado and basil sandwich with an apple

Dinner: Tuna, avocado and egg salad with Italian herbs & balsamic glaze


Thursday Food Diary


Thursday was beautifully sunny and I woke up with Mr Sun shining on my face. Mornings like this are my favorite, there’s nothing better than drawing back the curtains, opening all the windows wide and letting the fresh air roll in. Sunny mornings give me motivation and make me feel really positive about the day ahead!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Banana, peanut butter & chia seed milkshake with a slice of buttered wholemeal toast

Lunch: Poached eggs on toast with chives & steamed spinach

Dinner: Ethiopian food from a local food market




Friday is obviously my fave day (apart from Saturday), I always have lots of energy although it’s the end of the working week; think it’s all those positive vibes running through me. Fri-yay!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: I cheated and had a pain au chocolat with a latte and some strawberries. Totally worth it

Lunch: I made my favourite sandwich – egg mayo + smoked salmon on seeded bread

Dinner: Spanish butterbean and chorizo casserole with sautéed potatoes & garlic aioli


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  • Sabrina Smelko

    Porridge for the win! I love it too. My favorite combo is sliced bananas, walnuts and maple syrup.

  • Arianna

    oooo! Yummy yummy yummy! Everything looks sooooo delicious! I love you mix things up and change what you eat everyday!


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