My Week In Food: Food Diary Of An Editor

What do we eat during the week? We’ve decided to keep a weekly food diary to show you what’s on the menu for busy career girls juggling their lives with their careers.

Enjoy the weekend and take a glimpse at the week in food of our Managing Editor, Beth!


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I am often out for breakfast, and am a massive foodie, so you’ll see through this week that I will eat anything. This week Celina and I both downloaded the same running app by chance without even communicating with each other (spooky!) but after 2 runs I injured my weak ankle so I’ve got to give it a rest for a week. Super annoying.

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Coconut & mulberry granola with natural yoghurt and honey
Lunch: Scrambled eggs on seeded bread
Dinner: Courgetti with homemade pesto and roma tomatoes


Today was a stay at home day for me, and it’s always a challenge to work from home and eat right. I usually eat over my computer on days like today, so I tried really hard to eat well.

What I ate that day:
Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with blueberries and strawberries
Lunch: Homemade chilli leftovers in a wholemeal wrap
Dinner: Parmigiana di Melanzane (baked eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce)


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Wednesday is a busy, busy day. From meetings to working together, it’s hump day and I usually have lots planned. With the sunny weather starting to show, I decide to take more time for breakfast and eat outside.

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Pancake with strawberries, blueberries and banana
Lunch: Cauliflower and lentil burger from Hubbard & Bell
Dinner: Chicken and summer salad (complete with pear and orange)


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My favorite thing about running around the city meeting people and catching up with the CGD girls is that I get to sample the food in so many different places. My favorite places are the ones where nobody blinks if I pull my laptop out on the table.

What I ate that day:
Breakfast: Poached eggs on brown toast and a pot of English Breakfast tea from Hubbard & Bell
Lunch: Blueberry & Beetroot smoothie at an event and then a Margarita pizza from Vapiano
Dinner: Simple leafy salad with courgette and asparagus.


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It’s fri-yay! I’ve got weekend plans for once, so I’m feeling really chipper about that Friday feeling! I kick off my morning at Radio Rooftop and finish the day with a few drinks with friends in West Hampstead. Perfect Friday!

What I ate that day:

Breakfast: Poached eggs on sourdough bread with spinach and avocado at Radio Rooftop.
Lunch: Tuscan chicken salad with rosemary chicken breast, roasted peppers, grilled fennel and sundried tomatoes.
Dinner: I eat a relaxed mixture of starters and sides at One Sixty in West Hampstead and have a catch up with friends.

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