The Weekend Routines Of Highly Successful Women


Career Girls are all about growth and self-improvement. So, when the weekend rolls around EVERY successful woman knows that this is her chance to be productive and plan properly for the week ahead.

Successful women know that their free time is precious and that it’s something that should be valued. And that’s exactly why she has a weekend routine because her main focus is herself!

So, do you want to know what you should do on your weekends to boost your success? Then take a leaf from these amazing, successful women:


1. Michelle Obama:

Stays motivated to keep her energy levels high through the week



We all know that it can be easy to lounge around in front of Netflix on the weekends rather than doing something productive for yourself.

And Michelle makes sure to always stay inspired and dedicated to her health even on the weekends!

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean she skips out on doing high-powered workouts that make sure she keeps her mind and body healthy.

And this will actually pay off for you come Monday.

You’ll feel way more energized and ready to go!

Plus you’ll be making a routine for yourself that sets you up for a healthier lifestyle.

Michelle knows that this is important even if you start off with a few minutes every day!



2. Cameron Diaz:

Uses her Sundays to plan ahead



Cameron Diaz knows the importance of using your Sundays wisely.

We know especially that you should use your Sundays to get ahead on the week.

I know for one that I make all my plans on this day to best make sure I’m best prepared for Monday.

And that starts with your meal prep.

If you have strong new year goals to live healthier and keep track of your eating habits then using Sundays to prepare your meals in advance will make sure this happens.

So, on a Sunday, you’ll usually find Cameron in her kitchen preparing her meals for the week (there’s no wonder she has an amazing body and maintains it), and she won’t let anything get in the way.

She knows that this time is important for getting things done and is essential for making sure she stays on track.



3. Sheryl Sandberg:

Takes a break and shuts off from technology




Most importantly, these women know how to switch off and the importance of it.

They unplug from their phones, leave emails till the morning and decide to recentre themselves the best way they know how.

They know that it’s important they have a break, which means a complete technology block out, so they can feel refreshed after real peace and quiet.

And Sheryl really gets this.

She spends her weekends getting up early and being completely unplugged!

And who’d have thought the COO of Facebook steps away from social media? But she does! Even if it’s only for an hour or two.



4. Oprah Winfrey:

Takes the time to focus on herself


The one thing successful women do in comparison to unsuccessful people is that successful people spend their free time working on themselves.

It doesn’t have to be work-related, but they use this time to really build on their skills.

And it doesn’t have to be anything big, you can pick up and learn so many new skills without evening knowing it.

Taking the time to listen to podcasts, watch documentaries and reading a book will not only refresh you but supply you with new incentives!

Even Oprah Winfrey knows how to snuggle up in her PJs with a book to just shut everything off for while.

It’s the time she takes for herself.

And then on Sunday, she will spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing, giving her the time to reboot and refresh!


5. Jessica Alba:

Values the time with her family



Because successful women don’t have the time to do things that are not of value to them, they really focus on the things that do.

And for Jessica Alba, it’s spending time with her family.

Her week is all about work and her weekends are all about her kids.

She knows it’s important to have a balance, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to run her business as she does.

Rather than wasting her time, she knows exactly how to spend it, and that’s with the people who matter.


Q. I always try to learn a new skill or expand on one with my weekends – what do you do with your downtime?…



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  1. All these tips are amazing! I try to leave Sundays to plan ahead for the week too :)

  2. I am in a season where i spend my weekends going to networking events its an awesome way to invest in myself. I also try to nap , read and take more time to spend with the Lord in prayer!

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