How to Plan Your Week According To Your Horoscope

If there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s that a week will never be successful unless you plan for it. And I’m not the only one who knows this, there’s an army of women behind me – Meghan Markle being one of them. But trust me when I tell you that before you start planning for next week’s success, there are a few things you need to know first…

Planning your week is all about trying to get two steps ahead. But how can you do that when you don’t know what the fates can throw at you any second? If there’s one thing you should take into consideration when preparing for the week ahead, it’s your star sign.

Luckily, if you know what kind of week you’re going to have, you can plan ahead and stay one step ahead of the Universe. You’ll know what you can do and how best to support your mood. Even if you don’t fully believe in your star sign, it can’t hurt to see if it’ll be accurate for you. Ready to live your best life and see what the stars have planned for you? Read on…

You can be optimistic to a fault Aries, but this week you’re about to prove yourself to someone who may have previously doubted you. This could be either in your personal or work life and just remember, here’s your chance to shine, so make sure to bask in all your glory. The validation that this will bring will bring you an intense feeling of relief, so expect to feel much better by the week’s end.

But don’t let your head blow up too much. Remember, accept this experience with nothing more than poise and grace. This will week will also offer you another chance to prove yourself. And these things may be connected.

A new opportunity looks to be heading your way. It seems as though someone is going to offer you a new role because they believe with confidence that you’re the perfect fit. This role is the next step you need to take in your life, so take it and take it with confidence.

By the end of the week, you’ll have an overwhelming feeling that everything has gone so well. Take this happiness and use it to spend time with loved ones and taking some time to yourself that you deserve. Keep things simple, do what you love and allow your spirit to be restored by setting the tone for the perfect weekend.

What I love about you, is that you can be very patient Taurus. It’s one of your better traits and it usually pays off for you very well, because patience is needed when it comes to attaining your goals. But as you enter this week, you might feel a little restless and uneasy because there’s something you want to get started with that has been on hold for too long.

The patience you may have once had is now gone, which means your whole mentality has shifted. But this is a good thing because as you’re entering a time where gettings things done has never been easier. So, get started and take no prisoners.

There’s a new person in your life Taurus, who you are finding very difficult to trust. It could be a returning face that’s acting like a new, changed person. Listen to your gut on this. Open your eyes and ears to the things that could be going on that you might not even expect. But be careful with your investigation Taurus, there may be some things lying under the surface you do not like.

By the end of the week, there may be an issue with money and this could all be down to a mistake in your calculations or your record keeping. But, know, that you can correct this issue and it will give you sound advice to be more careful in the future.

There’s someone in your life Gemini that needs your kind spirit. Models, for example, may exuberate confidence, but that does not necessarily mean to say they even are. Inside, they could be going to war with many insecurities while not showing a thing on their exterior. We all wear masks Gemini, and you know this all too well, and someone in your life is currently wearing theirs. And this person will need your attention this week.

Reach out openly, because by just listening to this week Gemini, you can do so much kindness to others. And trust me when I tell you that this kindness will bounce back to you. Your own self-esteem will experience a boost this week when someone you admire sends a compliment your way.

Allow these words to motivate you and increase your talents, because bigger and better things are destined for you. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’ll be receiving a lot of social offers, but don’t accept any purely because of guilt, choose what you want to do!

Moonchild, I sense the struggles you’re going through right now. And because of your nature, it’s not something you want to share with many people if anyone at all. Guilt and complicated circumstances can make things a little tricky and I understand it’s difficult to clear your mind of.

But know that this week you’ll gain more clarity on the situation and more answers will work their way up to the surface. However, don’t expect all the answers to be there but there will be enough there to help you make a decision that will propel you forward.

A friend will come to your rescue later on in the week in regards to a big career move or an investment decision. This person knows you extremely well, so trust what they say because their perspective will be the most useful to you right now. Know that this person only wants you the best for you, so you should take their advice to heart.

An embarrassment moment will grip you by the end of the week, but relax and understand that this has nothing to do with you. Stay away from this circumstance as best as you can. When the weekend rolls along, try hosting a party or gather your precious loved ones around for some long, much-needed conversations.

You love to make deep, personal connections with people Leo, which can often lead you to think you know a lot about a person. But certain revelations this week will show you that this certain person in your life is actually a stranger. It may be that there’s such an opposition that it will lead you to rethink if you even know anything about that person at all.

With this, do not doubt or question your perception. You are not wrong in your understandings. Understand that you did not see the full picture and turn this into a period of exploration instead. You are inquisitive Leo, so the more you know, the more you will want to find out. And this can mean many good things for you!

Last week may have thrown a few curve balls your way, but you laughed in the face of all your challenges and if you continue this you’ll be a powerhouse this week. There’s a lot of potential in there, so make sure to seize it!

This weekend there’s something special in store for you that will make the long week seem worth it. You might find yourself in a mystery, so keep your ears out from whispers from friends who may alert you to something very intriguing. But this could lead you to question why you did not see this before, or why it was never revealed. Don’t worry, all the answers will be with you before the weekend ends.

So, you’ve been a lot more social recently Virgo? And that’s a good thing – you should feel pretty amazed with yourself! Because, when you’re around others it only brings out the best in you and that’s the Virgo we all know and love. All this feedback is great for your self-confidence, so let it rain! This new side of you may have set up a few new relationships and this week will include an event that you should attend with one of them.

This is your moment to build on a new relationship and strengthen the bond. And with the sun high in the sky, the new week could bring with a romance. For the single people of this sign, this means a night on the town will introduce you to the perfect stranger. If you’re in love, expect a night in and deep conversation.

Late in the week and come the weekend, expect a friend to lean on you a little too much. It’s all to do with a bad choice they made that you may be forced to deal with. But you don’t have to, there’s no obligation there and don’t feel bad about declining!

Dear Libra, you’re getting over a betrayal that’s overtaken you recently and the pangs of sadness still follow you around. With these things, they are always the worst things to try and get over and let me tell you, that some people never do. This can only be expected when you truly trusted someone, who turned out to be someone you could have never expected.

But know, that this is not a reflection on you. You are a good person Libra, and very, very loyal. Your kindness does not deserve this. And if it makes it any easier, understand that this person is struggling in ways that have nothing to do with you. Surmise that there was nothing else you could have done to change this, and this is not the precedent for all your future relationships.

By Tuesday, expect to see brighter skies. There will be someone you admire who pays you some very nice attention. This will come either in the form of a compliment or a flirtation. Enjoy this moment as much as you can, because you deserve it!

The weekend comes with it some gossip from a family member or a close friend that will be so hard to ignore. But you should ignore it. This gossip can be harmful, especially to the ones you love. Trust that the truth will come out at the right moment.

Last week, you may have felt a little frustrated and annoyed. This week, these feelings may come back to the surface once more. But know that there will be more clarity around the matter this time, so take it slow. However, beware there’s a new deception that may come to light concerning this situation. Be grateful that it has come to light and avoid from pushing the blame onto others because it was not a malicious act.

Expect to be the mentor this week Scorpio and even find yourself making friends with someone younger than you. But even though you expect to take on this mentorship role, you should take a step back and see the role reversed. This young, different soul can give you some insight that will be helpful to your life, which will send you down a different path.

But please be careful this week Scorpio, the stars are troubled and are encouraging you to be cautious. Try and avoid accidents, for example, no texting while driving or crossing the road without looking.

By the weekend, a friend will come to you with a personal problem expecting to find an answer from you. This person really looks up to you and values the advice you give and will look to you to fix this problem. However, do not fix it, but guide them through it so they can figure it out themselves.

Sagittarius, where do I begin with you? As you may well know, sometimes, a whisper is heard a lot louder than screaming. And this week, the stars are encouraging you to use this whisper as a metaphor to smash a presentation, job interview, or some other area in your life that you are improving.

You are an opinionated person, to say the least Sagittarius, and this week, you’re going to be asked for it. But, for a change, you may be cautious to give it. And so you should. The person asking for it may have ulterior motives that you won’t discover till much later.

Another new discovery for you this week is that you have more power in a dramatic decision that’s just around the corner. So, it would be great for you to start considering the “what ifs.” If you take control of the circumstance, you’ll be able to steer it into a more careful solution. Whereas, if you ignore it and let it go, someone who is pushier and close-minded will take over the situation, which won’t be the best way to go.

A misunderstanding that took place last week may still be weighing heavy on your mind. And while you may know how to fix this situation, you have been avoiding it Capricorn. The stars know that you like to avoid this person when they are irritated – as you may not want to even deal with them at all. But, if you stop putting it off and deal with it now, you will stop the situation from getting bigger and more out of control.

Towards the end of the week, you may meet someone new Capricorn, which may involve some sort of coincidence, which will bring you together at the same time, same place. And by the end of the week, you’ll try and be courted into joining some community association. But heed our advice and stay away, as it may wind up being more trouble than it is actually worth.

Throwing yourself into unknown situations with people you don’t get along with may not be at the top of your list. And this is something that cropped up last week and is now about to follow you into the new one. You may have been spending your time coming up with excuses to avoid this scenario, but I’m here to tell you that it’s better to get involved now before you’re forced to. This way you’ll have more control.

This week will give you plenty of clues of which direction to take with this issue. So, make sure to stay alert and listen to them. Remember, you are the sort of person who can talk to anyone, as you have a keen understanding of the human psyche. And it’s these gifts that will come in handy towards the end of the week as you diffuse an exploding situation between two people you love. As always, you have a greater, deeper understanding, that’s why you’re the perfect person to deal with this and lead them to a place of forgiveness and understanding.

At the end of the week, you’ll be itching to get a head start on your weekend, but there will be one obligation that will keep you from jetting off. Make sure to deal with it quickly and you’ll be able to put your feet up for definite!

You’re a caring individual, Pisces, which means you take the time to issue your replies and be mindful of what you want to communicate. And last week saw you trying to explain yourself to someone, who quite frankly, did not listen. So, let this be an indicator of how this person regards your feelings and let this influence your relationship with this person.

Because, unfortunately, Pisces, this is something you need to realize. This week, the issue will be brought to the surface again and you need to make sure your voice is heard. Force a discussion, raise the issue. If the person still refuses, then it’s time for drastic measures.

More on the point of your relationships, there is someone who is causing a toxic effect on your life. You may not want to give up on this relationship, and it may be something you might not have to do. Instead, cut back the time you spend with this person and this will half the conflicts. So, make an effort to communicate with this person and take some time for yourself,

A money matter that you have avoided will also be on your tail this week, letting you know you cannot avoid the issue anymore. Here is your chance to set it right.


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