Weekly Round Up: Here Are The Best Beauty Posts This Week

Hi, girls! It’s the end of the week, we hope you’re enjoying your Friday and looking forward to the weekend. As I write this from the CGD offices, we’re reading up on trends and munching our lunch over our keyboards.

If you’re going out this weekend, you might want to take some beauty tips from our most popular beauty posts this week.

5 Simple Surprising Golden Rules For Beautiful Hair

Probably one wish that all girls have in common: having beautiful and healthy hair. We do hair masks, condition, use argan oil, and invest in other ‘wonder’ treatments and products that promise to leave our hair looking as perfect as can be, but for some of us, healthy, nourished hair is just not that simple. Read more >>

7 Worst Diet Mistakes You Can Make For Your Skin

Do you religiously apply sunscreen every day and then binge on sweets? Splurge on that expensive moisturizer loved by so many celebs and then enjoy one drink too many? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re sabotaging all your skin care efforts. What we put into our bodies is much more important than what we put on our skin. Read more >>

The 10 Best Leave-In Conditioners For Gorgeous Hair

Here at CGD we always have major hair envy, even after visiting the salon. Apparently the secret to super shiny hair is leave-in conditioner, apparently all the busy supermodels use it, but we’ve had our reservations about finding the best leave-in conditioner that will suit the whole team’s needs. Read more >>

Here Are The CGD Girls Top Beauty Tricks And Favourite Products

As you know, we’re always willing to share our lives with you girls on here, so we thought it would be fun to combine our love of beauty with our love of oversharing and share our favourite products and beauty secrets with you. Our team is so different, we all have different products for our needs and tips for anyone who might need them. Here are the CGD team’s fave products and beauty secrets! Read more >>

Featured Photo: Kenza Zouiten

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