This Weekly Routine Will Help You Be More Successful

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The weeks tend to go by so quickly that it is easy to find yourself moving with them instead of making the most of them. This can easily lead to feelings of demotivation because another week has gone by and nothing has changed! There’s no better time to plan your weekly routine than on a Sunday. This routine will help you take it day by day, boost your success, master the week, and not let it be the master of you.

Sunday: Let go of negativity

Decluttering turns into a weekly occurrence for me as I’m always bringing something new home. In times of stress, and upset, the gloves are on and I tackle my surroundings. It may not be the most glamorous of tasks but I feel great after it. This is because by decluttering the outside space it has a massive impact on mental space. It increases motivation and productivity, whilst making the home look nice too!

Throwing away some things you no longer need also helps you create more space for the new, and helps your space open up. After all your hard work take a long relaxing bath just before bed, and you’ll find yourself floating into Monday a lot easier.

Monday: Get in the zone

Set the tone by listening to soothing music like rain or waves, which are easy to get a hold of on YouTube. Now that the week has officially started it’s important to ask yourself what you want. Listening to music like this well help you center and concentrate your focus. Let go of the stresses and focus on you. Forget everything else, only do what YOU need to do.

Tuesday: Boost your confidence

Today you should take yesterday’s concentration and use it to appreciate you. You are your best motivator and it’s all about not losing that. Start by making a list of what you loved about today, and especially what you love about yourself. This will help increase your confidence. You’ve made a list of why you’re beautiful, so finish the day by preparing a healthy meal full of hormone infused meats.

Wednesday: Get over hump day

It’s hump day and the psychological implications of that are not lost on us. No matter how much you might love your job, you’re bound to be exhausted and a little bit tired on a Wednesday. So spend some time being your own cheerleader. Do 30 minutes of exercise, try our workout regime from last week and get energized!

Thursday: Be kind

Think of all the arguments you’ve had and put yourself in their shoes. Understand their perspective. It might be an idea to start a journal and write down all the positive things you’ve done. If not, try doing three great things today. One for yourself, one for someone else, and one for the world! It’ll make you feel amazing.

Friday: Let it go

Let go of all the frustration and stress that has been building up. I find that singing loudly and getting ready to enjoy the weekend really helps me let loose. At home, make plans to go out with friends and enjoy your Friday evening!

Saturday: Enjoy yourself

Take the time for you. Do something you enjoy, and just have fun. Whether you go for lunch or brunch with a friend or take a walk in the countryside, your weekend will feel longer if you get out of the house. Go for a walk, run, skip, or jump. Enjoy yourself!


What do you think of this weekly routine? 

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