The Weird Korean Beauty Trick We Wish We’d Thought Of Sooner




Have you ever showered with a full face of makeup and emerged thinking that your makeup actually looks better? It’s no coincidence that adding water to your foundation makes it look better. It doesn’t have the same effect on eye makeup, unfortunately, but the whole ‘dunking your makeup in water’ thing has been taken to a whole new level by this new Korean beauty trick.

As always, we wish we’d thought of it sooner. It’s perfect for humid summer days, and equally perfect for dry cold winter weather. We’re talking about jamsu makeup. Jamsu literally translates to diving or submerging.

The low-down: The jamsu method requires you to apply your normal facial routine (minus eyes and eyebrows), bake your skin with high-end setting powder and let it sit for a few minutes before submerging your face for a few seconds in a  bowl (or sink) of cold water. It sounds just crazy enough to actually work.

So, I decided to try it myself!

Following what I’d read, I did everything as normal. I applied my foundation and concealer and patted a loose setting powder all over my face. Taking things to the next level, I submerged my face into a bowl of cold water for five seconds, being extra careful not to drown myself in the name of beauty writing, then submerged again until I was sure around 15 seconds had elapsed (not including breathing time!) and gently patted my face dry.

Why does this work? Well when you pat your skin dry it stops your foundation looking unnatural and cakey, I’d describe it as a super intense setting spray. The drier your skin  is, the less time you should submerge it for, but it really does provide your skin with a matte, smudge-free base. After you do this you should go in and apply your eye makeup, I wouldn’t test your waterproof mascaras with this technique just yet.

It’s perfect for special occasions, I wouldn’t recommend submerging your face every single day before work. It’s quite time-consuming, and you have to be careful what you wear and how you clip your hair back. But for a wedding, party or occasion where you have no time to reapply your makeup, this is how you make your foundation stay all day!

Have you tried the jamsu beauty method yet? If not, take the plunge and let us know your thoughts.


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  1. Hey Lauren! Just a towel or cloth of your choice! You can even use a cotton pad if you’re worried about transferring product onto your best towels haha! :) x

  2. I read this with my mouth and eyes open the entire time. Haha
    I’ll try it when I’m going out for a wedding or other special occasions though, as I actually feel my face looks better when I splash water on my face before washing the makeup off.
    Thanks for the tips

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