6 Things You Need On Your Desk Right Now


photo: Anine Bing

So you’ve got your dream job (or you’re at least working on it!). But who wants to look disorganized in the office? There are certain things every successful, productive Career Girl needs to have within arm’s reach. Without them, you’ll probably still survive, but with them, you’ll thrive! Read on to find out how to make the most of your workday with a few essential desktop purchases…


1. Good Quality Headphones


Noise is something we just can’t escape these days. Whether you’re working in a busy, talkative office or a tech startup that’s playing the latest Spotify tunes, sometimes you just need to block it all out and get stuff done. The Frends Layla headphones are as pretty as they are functional. Hook these bad boys up and you’ll be getting stuff done in half the time! Buy them here.

2. A Portable Charger


Have a bunch of devices on your desk – work mobile, personal mobile, iPad, etc? Never be caught out with a low battery again with a charging system that can sit on your desk and look pretty. Smartphones make our lives so much easier and our work so much more efficient but they’re of no use to us when they’ve only got 4% left! I’d be nowhere without this portable charger, that’s for sure. Buy it here.


3. Your Motivational Guide:


If you’re looking to take your fitness goals from ‘one day’ to ‘day one’ then you need to stay dedicated and motivated. The one thing that really keeps me on track for my fitness goals is planning. I need to monitor my progress and take note of everything I do. Because when I see the progress then nothing can slow me down. Buy The Fit Is The Sh*t Planner here.


4. A Notebook For All Your To-Dos

I find To-Do Lists essential to my day-to-day work structure. If you’re in a role where you’re constantly given new tasks, a beautiful to-do list will keep track of everything you can’t! Not to mention, the seriously addictive satisfaction that comes with ticking off tasks that have been completed! This burnt orange notebook will make you want to write everything down. Buy it here.


5. A Hydrating Facial Spray

By the end of the day, your makeup needs a touch-up. Whether that’s thanks to touching your face and hair throughout the day or thanks to heaters and air conditioning systems, there’s one thing we do know, we don’t have time to rush to the bathroom and freshen up. All you have to do is spritz this amazing rose water on your skin for an instant fresh, glowy look. Buy it here.


6. A Stress Release Spray


De-stress at your desk with this negative energy busting spray. This ‘Liquid Yoga’ spray is filled with calming Lavender, Chamomile, Cypress, and Lemon. Apply it like perfume or spray some into your hands and take a deep breath if your workload is getting too stressful! Buy it here.




What’s on your desk right now? Tell us below… 

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