What Happened When I Gave Up Sugar For A Week

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I am a sugar addict, so if you would’ve told me I’d be surviving a week without sugar, I would have laughed really hard.

But I also like a challenge. So when the girls asked me to take on this ”no sugar for a week” challenge, I was up for it.

My friends were convinced I could not do it. And with 1 event, a dinner party and a birthday last week, it became extra challenging. I became that girl that brought in her own sugar-free ketchup, ate sushi without soy sauce and drank vodka on the rocks instead of a delicious cocktail. I don’t cook, so I already could feel that it was going to be a really basic week in terms of food (and that is exactly what happened).

Curious how my week went? Read on!


I’m ready for this challenge. So I’ve planned exactly how I was going to survive the first day without refined sugar. I didn’t plan for a hot day in London, though. So I started my day with some mango pieces, a sugar free yogurt and a big glass of water. The girls brought ice cream to the CGD HQ, which I obviously couldn’t have. For lunch, I had a simple salad with parmasan cheese, tomatoes and lettuce (yes, without sauce!) and for dinner a vegan quiche (thanks to the best flatmate ever). So far, so good, this was easy!


OK! Not as easy as I thought. It is another hot day in London with no ice cream for me. I started the day with some fruit in yogurt and since I forgot my wallet and had no lunch with me, so the only thing I could do is order the most basic sushi from my favorite sushi restaurant (without soy sauce, since that contains lots of sugar).

Celina and I went to the ASOS HQ later that day and in their showroom is a snack corner (#OfficeGoals), but once again, I could not take any of that.

I had an energy crash. So I was really tired in the afternoon, which was a result of the heat and me not feeding my sugar addiction.

In the evening I went out for dinner with friends, where I had a salad with Salmon and a lot of veggies.


The day I realized that sugar is a real addiction and literally everything I eat contains non-natural sugars. From pasta and bread to salad dressings and ketchup. I know that this week is going to be a bit harder than I thought. I think I’m struggling today.

I got extremely tired in the afternoon again and was tempted to buy some chocolate to feed my sugar ”addiction”. But my friend stopped me from buying it (thanks, Ems!) and I had a big fruit salad for my late lunch instead. In the morning I ate flatbread with homemade hummus and Salmon (best ever!) which was quite filling.

For breakfast, I had a sugar free yogurt with 1/4 a pineapple and for dinner, I had boiled eggs with a caesar salad. It sounds simple and I know there are some delicious sugar-free meals I can cook. But because I am at work almost the whole day, I barely have time to cook and to be honest, never really feel like cooking when I finally get home.


On Thursday we do breakfast in the office, which means I had a whole avocado and a sugar-free yogurt as a first meal. I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day, but had a vegan wrap from a food market for lunch and was so thirsty all the time so drank lots of water (another hot Summer day in London). In the evening we attended a Masquerade Ball from Revlon, where delicious cocktails and canapes were served and before I knew it, I had my hands on one of them. So far, I had been so good all week and could not resist those colorful drinks. And 1 cheat drink won’t hurt, right?


It is Cake Day in the office (Yes, I am crying inside) and all I can do is stare at them. I had my pineapples for breakfast and in the evening I was going to Vapiano for my favorite salad of all time (Grande Mista). For lunch, I had a delicious Persian box with eggplant and tomatoes.

I actually feel great today and although I felt a bit tired in the afternoon again, I do feel healthy and hope I can keep this up over the weekend.


A working from home day, which is always easier, because I am often too lazy to get up and make myself food. I made myself some flatbread with salmon and hummus again and had a big fruit salad for lunch. My friend came over early in the evening with a Summer vegetable bowl (and dessert, which I can’t have!). I got extremely tired in the afternoon, which I think, is my craving for sugar acting up.

Later that evening, I had a birthday party where I discovered my new fave drink:  (Yes, I am late to the party) Vodka Soda! Which is probably the healthiest cocktail ever.

I skip the traditional ”late night McDonalds” and give myself an earlyish night instead.


Another working day, which makes it easier for me to keep this up. I love drinking water most of the time and definitely don’t crave juices. It is more the regular foods like pasta, salad dressings and cheese that I miss.

I looked into the healthy, sugar-free alternatives today, because for some reason, I do feel more energetic and really want to keep this up.

Although, the challenge is over, I am still on the ”water only during the day” – habit. I have a healthier appetite and I don’t binge eat much (believe me, I used to have them a lot). Sticking to at least 3 meals per day is very important. You do get tired moments from time to time, because sugar gives you energy. But I do feel healthier and definitely, will try to eat less processed sugar than I used to do.

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