What Happens When You Give Up Sugar For A Month?

It may seem like an impossible task. Giving up sugar? Our bodies can handle sugar in small doses, using insulin to break it down and use it as energy. But beyond a certain amount, it is converted as fat. The worst part: The more of it you eat, the more of it you crave.

What happens when you give up sugar for a month
Blogger: Negin Mirsalehi

So what happens when you decide to give up your sugar addiction? This Buzzfeed video will show the struggle but also some pretty momentous results. Follow along in the video below.

For all the sugar addicts out there! (I’m guilty as well)Lucky enough, we’re starting the #careerchallenge in 7 days and it’s the perfect way for us to get rid of that sugar addiction. You see, the #careerchallenge is not only about losing weight, flat abs or a perky butt.  It’s about becoming a healthier person, feeling better and more energetic! We love how there are almost 800 people participating already!

What is your bad habit? What would you like to change? Share it in the comments below,  join our challenge and let’s get healthy!

  • Cynthia Alonso

    My bad habit is eating ice cream. Lots of it! I would like to change this by eating less and exercising more often. I want to tone my body up and loose my gut.

  • http://www.beaucience.co.uk Cheryl

    I will be like that girl at the 1 week mark when i give up sugar! After watching Fed-up I am giving it a go!


  • http://immenselysocial.com/ Lori Hil

    I have really been wanting to get off the sugar! Thank you for the inspiration!

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