What J-Lo Can Teach Us About Being In A Relationship


What do you look for in a partner? When you’re swiping on tinder what catches your eye? Is it the bio? The pic? The flirtatious banter?

And what seals the deal? Their ability to cook and clean and fend for themselves?

There was a time when a women’s role in a relationship was much, much narrower. And that doesn’t sit right with me. It’s your choice if you want to stay at home looking after the kids and cooking meals, or whether you want to be in the office until late making money for your family. Women can do more and be more than ever before. Sure, we still have a long way to go but we are breaking molds every day, and it’s amazing.

The last thing we need is sexism in our relationships! I’m a lucky girl, my boyfriend does the washing, cleaning and cooking for me because he just knows it ain’t gonna happen. But I do compromise. If there’s a new exciting recipe I’m all up in the kitchen, if the bathroom is untidy that is my realm (somehow I can’t live with an untidy bathroom), and I’m much better at organizing surfaces than he is. You know, most of my girlfriends are the same.

They hold their hands up that they aren’t going to be doing the cooking because they’ll be in the office until late. So maybe they’ll order from home. They shove their dirty and clean clothes into a corner because they’re human. Nobody actually wants to clean. Unless you enjoy it. I enjoy organizing, but not cleaning. Never cleaning.

It’s good to challenge the dynamics of relationships. The belief that women are ‘homemakers’ is soooo outdated. Female soldiers are now allowed on the front line in the British military. Women are breaking into so many careers, realms and opportunities and redefining gender roles. Now let’s take a look at Jennifer Lopez. She might enjoy cooking, but do you think she’s gonna do it for somebody else when she gets nothing in return?

Hell. No. 


That’s why I LOVE ‘Ain’t Your Mama’. It has such a Universal message for women everywhere. “I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama
I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama”

A message for everyone who’s ever felt obliged to do something in a relationship. We have our own stuff to deal with, why should we work long days and come back to laundry piles and messy kitchens. Compromise. That’s the true sign of a healthy relationship, now sing along with this anthem and be proud to be a strong Career Girl!


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  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great post

  • Naomi-Chaya Tsion

    Love this!


  • Desimira

    Yes, I completely agree with everything in this article. Women are making a lot of progress and now more than ever. Also love this song by JLo :)


  • Coralie Norris

    I consider myself a strong, smart and confident women who preach feminism to everybody I meet who needs a lesson on gender equality. However I have to say that I strongly disagree with this song and what JLO is preaching in it. She litteraly attacks the lifestyle of every women who decide to be a stay at home wife and mother who take care of the people she loves. At some point in the video she litteraly throw some food or water on the head of her supposed to be husband. How is that feminism ? that just teach young women to be rude.Plus Women were never stupid we never cooked for NOTHING IN RETURN. Feminism is an empowering movement that we all need to embrace but JLO’s video is just cheap propaganda and marketing.

  • Lillian Gao

    Ugh, can I PLEASE write for you guys already? No blog has ever gotten me like you guys do!

    Lil, xx https://lilgripes.com/

  • hanan abdi

    Girls !! lets get together and get stronger to empower the world xx P.S I love this song and of course JLO, such an inspiration to all of us :p