What The Heck Is Multi Masking And Why Is It Taking Over Instagram?

fullOut of nowhere, a new beauty trend just popped up. The art of multi masking baffled us but also really intrigued us, we’re always looking for tips on how to make our skin like us a little bit more, so we had to research this topic and find out exactly what multi masking is and why we should all start doing it.

So what exactly is multi masking?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, you use a variety of different masks on your face depending on the problems you have with your skin. For example, I would use Clinique’s Brightening Moisture Mask under my eyes but a hydration mask like GlamGlow Hydrating Treatment on my cheeks and chin, Kiehl’s Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on my nose and a mask that banishes dull skin for my chin and head like Dr Brandt’s Oxygen Mask. Each area gets its own custom facial treatment.

It seems so simple, now!

Why didn’t we think of it sooner? The idea that one type of mask will suit all the skin on our face is actually kind of preposterous when you think about it. We’ve spent so long banging on about customised skin-care and hydration that we’ve lost sight of the fact that whacking on a dead sea mud mask won’t help our dry cheeks and our oily T-zone.

It’s basically a customised facial

You need to be in tune to the different areas of your face and know exactly what parts need what. There are hundreds of different types of face masks, for every skin problem you could possibly have (Sephora has a great selection of face masks), but the art is applying these masks evenly and looking Instagram-worthy while you do it. Anyone can do it, actually, and you only have to search #multimasking on Instagram to get a look at the way the trend has spread.


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