What To Do When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough

I think every girl, or boy for that matter, sometimes feels like they’re not enough. Everybody thinks that everyone else is prettier, smarter, thinner, wealthier etc. I know I do sometimes. The thing is, though, the feeling has really decreased in my life the past couple of years.

We had a talk about it in the CGD office and it really surprised me how the rest of the office sees me. I was told I seem like a strong and confident girl, and it really took me by surprise. I’ve started feeling like it’s actually true! So I wrote a small list of the things I do when I start feeling like I am not good enough – because even though I’ve really grown, that feeling still shows up from time to time!

‘When you DO have the time to work out you should’

Work out! 

While I am currently at a place in my life where working out isn’t my first priority, I still manage to find some time in my busy life occasionally. I wish it was more, and that I could work out as much as I used to do, but I accept the fact that life sometimes comes in the way of that!

So basically, when you DO have the time to work out you should, because nothing brings up your self-esteem more than running 5k faster than usually or lifting something heavier than you thought you could!

‘Anything That Helps You Feel More Happy In Your Own Skin Is Good’

Relax and unwind.

A home spa, and doing something good for yourself is always a good idea. Maybe putting on a great face-mask or massaging your tired feet after work will make you feel better? Anything that helps you feel more happy in your own skin is good.

Dress up!

While sometimes it feels better to just put on an old track suit and hide away when you’re not entirely confident in your own skin, there is always a reason to dress up. And with dressing up I don’t necessarily mean putting on a Victorian dress and a wig (although it would be funny), but put on some make-up, do your hair and put on your favorite Paige Denim pair of jeans and get out there and show the world who you are!

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Do you ever feel out of yourself? What do you do to feel better about yourself?

  1. Omg I do the same!!! when I’m feeling down for whatever reason, I like dressing up and putting on some makeup… haha :P


    Xoxo Jessy

  2. I think we are always the hardest on ourselves, so everyone has i’m-not-good-enough days and this is a very nice post!



  3. Loved the motivational post!! We all need to remind ourselves that we are worth it!

  4. I love the dress up idea! Such a small idea, but such a powerful impact!


  5. Great post! A work out and pulling on some great clothes always puts the spring back in my step :)

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