What To Do When You Feel ‘Stuck’ At Home


Home is where the heart is, however, recently many of us feel as though we have been “stuck” within four walls. 

Feeling stuck is a mindset. It is a feeling of being trapped against our will with anywhere else we would rather be. Fear not, CGD is here to re-wire this negative disposition.

As people, we are hardwired to believe that the grass is always greener. When we are at work we long for home comforts and the safety of our duvets. Yet, when we see ourselves as stuck at home our minds wander to being in pastures greener. 

To be stuck at home is not a chore, but a luxury that we must relish in! The difference between an average girl and a CGD girl is the ability to make lemonade out of lemons. 

Hence, here begins my recipe for metaphorical homemade lemonade.

First, add a pinch of renovation! 

The renovation stage in the making of metaphorical lemonade consists of utilizing resources available to you to restructure your self and surroundings to maximize growth. Find the full list of small decor tweaks that make a huge difference to your home here.

Your home is not your prison cell, but the backdrop for your creativity. Your home should inspire you, not extinguish your flame. 

We find inspiration in the places and people that we love and our space should reflect this.

Print and display photographs and sentimental items that remind you what is important and motivate you to seek improvement.

Paint your walls a brighter color to bring light to your life and maximize your space.

Renovate your body, too!

Practice manifestation to restructure your life on your terms and yoga to connect with your inner calm.

Then, read Florence Given’s revolutionary bestseller, “Women don’t owe you pretty,” to complete the renovation of your mindset and embrace your transformation into a feminist icon. 

Now, you have renovated your mind, body, and home, we can then add a dash of innovation! 

It’s time to innovate

Innovation occurs when we embrace our individuality to produce something new and exciting. Therefore, what could possibly be a better backdrop to inspire your unique ideas than a home which, now, reflects your most distinctive attributes!

Search for opportunities at home to engage your creativity.

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes! From modifying an old recipe to add little spice, to formulating your dream business proposal, to writing the next bestseller. 

Whatever format inspiration strikes, utilize your time “stuck at home” to fertilize your mind and create something beautiful!

Finally, relax!

However, this recipe is incomplete without its final ingredient – relaxation. Take this time to reconnect with yourself, Take this time to connect with yourself, through breathing exercises designed to produce feelings of serenity. For help with this, use the Stress Less journal. Bathe in essential oils, watch a film and then, unwind with a great book. See our full list of things to do to unwind here.

It’s time to become unstuck!

Written by Cara Vose


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