What To Do When You Hate Your Job



We’ve all been in the situation – you hate your job, or boss, or company and don’t know what to do about it. Work makes up such a big part of our lives, so if you’re miserable at work it can really affect the rest of your life. But don’t fret, we’ve found the best advice on how to turn a bad job into a positive experience, how to make the most of it, and how to become more productive in your job hunt. After all, a happy person is a productive person!


Remember it’s not forever!

You will find a new job, move up the career ladder and find a role that is more fulfilling. Nothing is forever, and by focusing on the future rather than the present you will become more positive and productive!

Make time for yourself

Focus on what you enjoy outside of work, and ensure you make the most of your free time. Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, focusing on a hobby or spending alone time relaxing, the key to feeling satisfied is a healthy work-life balance.

Focus on developing your skills and producing your best work

Make the most of your job whilst you’re there, maximize your skills and learn as much as possible. Focus on producing your best work so that when you get the opportunity to move up the career ladder, you have the most experience, skills and confidence possible.

Have the difficult conversations

Even if you have your heart set on leaving your job, it’s still worth having a conversation with your superiors about how your role could be improved. It will earn you respect, and could also open new doors to you.

Set job hunting goals

Rather than just moaning and feeling negative (although a good moan is vital!) setting yourself realistic job hunting goals is the most productive way to beat the doldrums of a job you hate. Whether it’s a job application a day or a few at the weekend, nothing will make you feel more productive and positive than being able to tick off those goals!

Don’t burn your bridges

So you’ve found a great new job, and it’s time to hand in your notice. Working your notice period and being polite might be the last thing you feel like doing, but a cordial exit is always the best way to leave a company. You never know where they will pop up in the future, and leaving on the best terms possible allows you to keep valuable contacts.


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  • MihaBalan

    I can relay to this article a lot. From the last years before I start blogging http://mihabalan.com, I have been working in a place that I hated it so much. It was really hard to go to work and be positive or even to find another job. In the end, I saved up a good amount of money and I quit. Now, I am doing what I like I don’t earn yet as much but it’s getting slowly better.

  • Natalie Harney

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say I hate my job, but I’m not having the best time currently and this really helps – thanks

    – Natalie

  • Elizabeth Apps

    I’m not working at the moment but do feel like I’m not enjoy University even though I’m in my last year and am pretty much guaranteed a job at the end of it which I do want to! I struggle so much to go to university and hoping it will be better when I’m on placement after christmas, I just hope I still have free time as thats my main issue, I need me time often to feel ok in myself!

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