Bring This One Thing To An Interview If You Want To Get The Job

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Interview prep can be nerve wracking. You have to research the company, be prepared for any wild questions and know how to sell yourself. It’s no wonder most people get into a bit of a flap when they know they’ve got an interview coming up. I’ve been conducting interviews for almost two years now, and I know what we look for in a candidate, so consider this your crash course in getting the job, and the one thing you need to bring to nail it!

First, prepare. 

Prepare well, and by that I mean, know numbers where necessary. How many followers, what the audience or buyer demographics are when the company was founded. Yes, you hear that advice over and over again but you’d be surprised at the people who turn up with no idea or even call the company by the wrong name. Remember, your interviewer is not trying to trip you up, they don’t want to see you fail, they just want to get a feel for who you are and what your value is.

Organize your things 

Bring with you a pristine copy of your CV and cover letter. We usually have these in digital format, and with so many applications it can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, your interviewer will prepare beforehand and will probably have it to hand themselves, but it’s the thought that counts – you’re trying to make their lives easier.

The one thing you should not forget!

Besides your CV and cover letter, bring a portfolio with you. Organize it into a folder, containing all your relevant work. Even if you don’t make a huge impression during the interview, they will remember you, plus they’ll have a copy of their work in the office to remind them of you! I’ve seen so many people in interviews and it’s true that the ones who brought me portfolios were more memorable than those who turned up empty handed. Even if we didn’t take them on, I still have their work at the office and I will keep track of what they’re up to.

Finally – be confident

Even if you’re nervous, and we know you probably will be, try your best to be confident (or fake it!). Honestly, being visibly nervous, leaving long gaps of silence, and finding it difficult to speak makes it uncomfortable for the interviewer, too. They’ll be wondering how you’re going to fit in with the team they already have.

If you’re super nervous (to the point of making it uncomfortable for everyone in the room) the interviewer will be concerned. It’s not their job to hold your hand and make sure you’re comfortable, and mostly, they’re looking for someone to make their lives easier, so they might not have the time or resources to help make you a stronger, more confident person. So if you need some training, I’d suggest talking to strangers as often as possible, it’ll really help with your communication skills.

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  • Jessica Wen

    So useful, I will definitely bring a portfolio of work! Would you recommend having someone to make it look professional as well? Or just to focus my energy on collecting everything and making sure I’m calm and confident?

  • Esther

    I wish i could attend the career girl academy. This is really so cool.
    Thank you for all the tips. Being confident is not that easy when you are nervous.
    Have a nice Sunday, Love, Esther

  • Annie

    as confidence expert for the largest global recruitment agency, and author of best seller the confidence factor, the best advice i can offer is firstly take 5-10 minutes before the interview to breath deeply, get grounded and focused. write your career life story out in advance along with your aims for the future, and your achievements- learn it all off by heart so you are comfortable being interviewed, so you dont forget anything and so you can focus on being present in the interview and not worry about what to say and what not to say. being at complete ease with your skills, talents, assets and your background along with your career visions, dreams and goals for your future will really help you come across as confident and competent. smile, enjoy and relax and see every interview as a gift to showcase yourself and remember what you want, wants you. if it doesnt work in the way you had hoped, remember there is something way better around the corner.

    • Vivian

      That’s true in job interviews usually recruiters ask you how do you see yourself in a year, or five, they also ask you for how long do you plan to stay in the company, off course if they offer a indefinite term contract