5 Brilliant Things To Watch On Netflix This Weekend


Wondering what to watch on Netflix right now? You might feel you’ve exhausted your options or just hate choosing when it comes to finding something to watch. Don’t worry, we’ve got some pretty good ideas on what you can watch right now, these binge-worthy shows (and one movie you have to see!) are great choices!

The Crown

If you’re a fan of the Windsors (or even if you are not and you just love a good TV show) you must watch this 10-part production. Chronicling the lives of the ultimate British royal dynasty from 1947 to 1956, Netflix’s astonishing £100 million show leave you…astonished! It’s the perfect antidote to boring history lessons.


The Goop Lab

Whacky and out there, go behind the scenes of Goop and find out what weird and wonderful wellness trends they explore. Including psychedelics, cold therapy, female pleasure, anti-aging, energy healing, and psychics. Hold on, it’s a wild ride.



Unsolved mysteries


If you love true crime and mysteries, this show is going to blow up your WhatsApp. Yes, it’s frustrating sometimes, and sad, but it’s great to see that this Netflix show could bring justice and answers to so many people. You’re going to have theories, I know I do…


Always be my maybe

Ok, not technically a show but if you love light-hearted movies you’re going to love this. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re so lucky. Sasha is super successful and has an enviable life, while Marcus has sort of stagnated. Everyone always thought they’d get together, except Sasha. But when they’re thrown back together after years, she starts to wonder too. If you’re wondering what to watch on Netflix right now, start with this!


Down To Earth

Everybody is talking about this show, mostly to objectify Zac Efron, but also because it’s a great exploration of our planet, what powers it, the ingenious ways people are using renewable energy and since we’re not traveling for a while, it’s a great way to get out there and see the world from your couch!


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