What I Wish I Could Tell My Boss

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I bet we all want to tell our boss what we think sometimes. But, we never say anything because after all, we want to keep our jobs, right? So, I’m not exactly one to jump at the chance to tell my boss exactly how I feel. I can’t tell her “no” let alone any other issue I’m having with her. And I bet it’s the same for most of us. But the only difference is, you haven’t met my boss.

I work in the fashion industry, and it’s not all runway shows and Gucci bags. Somedays its hell. Especially when your boss has taken a little too much inspiration from The Devil Wears Prada. I’m not joking, I can imagine Anna Wintour to crack a few more smiles. When I first started, I didn’t know if this behavior was normal or just directed at me. But looking around the room, I figured out pretty quickly that is she says jump, you say how high?

In reality, I love my job, but maybe not my boss. And after many days filled with frustration, I came up with the idea of writing a fake letter that would help me get it all out! Seeing as I wanted to keep my job, this seemed like the best way – and if you try it, just remember NOT TO SEND IT! So, here’s what I wish I could tell my boss:

That’s not my name

I don’t know if you do it to annoy me, or if you actually don’t even know my name. But can I just tell you that my name is Kate, not cat?! I don’t even like cats. When you’re not calling me by the wrong name, you refer to me as ‘her’ and for me, that’s even worse. I have a name, that you can’t even get right! I think you do it on purpose and I’ve even stopped correcting you now because it’s just a waste of breath. My name is Kate.

I’m not available to you around the clock

I’m not your Personal Assistant! Does it ever surprise you to think that I have a life outside of work? I don’t mind going the extra mile and helping where I’m needed, hey, I know that success doesn’t just happen and I’m willing to work for it. But, when it’s 11 PM on a Sunday night, I can’t help but think ‘can it not wait until Monday morning?’ And it’s just not on a Sunday, it’s all the time. I have more communication with my boss than I do with my boyfriend. It would be nice just to switch off from work completely sometimes, but when a call comes in at 1 AM I am expected to answer it. I don’t know what would happen if I don’t, but let’s just say I know that I’m replaceable.

You change the mood when you walk into the room

I’ve worked in a lot of places where the boss walks in and everyone stops talking and looks like they’ve been busy this whole time. You’re the one who disciplines us, we’re going to fear you. And I’ve had that a lot, but with you it’s different. You don’t just bring fear to a room, but you change the whole mood. We could be having a really happy, positive morning, then you walk in, high heels and red lipstick and everything changes. You don’t say good morning as you pass by our desks but already start telling us what we’re doing wrong. Nice to see you too!

When you talk to me you make me nervous

The only way I knew how to deal with a difficult person is to give it right back. But when it’s your boss, it’s a little different. If you were anybody else I would have told you exactly what I thought, but you’re not just anybody else, you’re in charge of my wage. I’m not intimidated by you, but when you talk to me in that way that you do, I find it hard to even speak. I have a lot to say and a lot of good ideas, but when you burn into me with those piercing eyes I’m left with nothing. In the past, when I have approached you with something, you’ve cut me off midsentence and started speaking about something else. Please stop that.

I understand you

I get you, I know what it’s like to be the boss. It’s horrible. You can never please anyone and everyone talks about you behind your back. It just comes with the job. That’s what I couldn’t handle. I know running the company isn’t easy, and I really do admire you and respect what you do. It takes a special sort of person to do it. But you also need to realize that you can be better too.


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  • Ellie | PetiteElliee

    LOve this! My boss is so lovely but whenever he walks in I get so nervous and scared


    Ellie xx

  • The Heba Blog

    You were honest but not harsh in your post. I think after a while you might get to a point of real frustration and it’s best to talk to your boss about it before things get out of hand. I hope you find the courage to do so!

    The Heba xx

  • Amy Rymer

    Yes! Writing out what you feel is so helpful. I do it all the time. Even if I don’t have a conversation about what’s bothering me, writing it out helps me to clarify what’s bothering me. Then, if I want to have a conversation later, I can be more specific…and bring up the most important thing to me at the time. Otherwise, it just comes out all wrong because I’m confused and don’t know exactly what’s wrong or what I want. -Amy