What You Should Wear To Easily Survive a Long Haul Flight And That Makes Sense After Landing



Have you ever woken up on a plane one hour after taking a sleeping pill, with your headphones wire etched into your cheek, cramp in your neck, thirsty and more hungry than you’ve ever been in your life? Were both of your legs asleep? Did you check the in-flight map and realise there were still 10 more hours left on your flight?

The outfit you wear on the plane is the first thing you’ll wear at your destination, so choose wisely. There’s a happy medium between comfort and style.The key is to wear an outfit that is comfortable during the flight, but also make sense after landing. It’s all about fabric, fit, layers, and comfort. So, here’s a look on what you should wear on your next flight. We’ve put together a list of top picks!

1 Make yourself comfortable
It can be best to look somewhat put together. Bring you favourite comfy pants like these relaxed Kelly Knit grey pants, a big Club Monaco shawland a comfy cardigan or sweater. Do you really need to wear a bra? Wear a lace or cotton from Hanky Panky “bralette” under a tank, with a loose-fitting cotton t-shirt. So much more comfortable than a bra!

2 Wear breathable fabrics
Maintain in-flight comfort and cleanliness by wearing breathable fabrics—materials that allow air and moisture to pass through—like cotton, silk, or linen. Fabrics that don’t allow air to circulate will hold sweat on the skin, likely making you feel dirtier faster and probably necessitating a good spin in the washing machine upon landing. Wear easy-on easy-off flats in case you need to take your shoes off for security and definitely bring a pair of socks in your bag. Try to find the ones that have rubber grippers on the bottom. They will make you feel more comfortable when you wear them in the airplane bathroom. Sometimes flights provide them but you cannot depend on that.

#3 Avoid the noise
Also bring headphones, noise-cancelling ones if you can get them. Planes are often noisy and you may have the bad luck to have a screaming toddler next to you. If you have a Kindle or iPad bring it to read books and magazines so much easier than bulky paperbacks. The food isn’t always that great so try to  bring my your own water and snacks. Pack as little as you can; if you end up needing something you can buy it there!

What are your ultimate tips? Share it with us in the comments below.

  • ailyn

    if i could I would wear my pajamas

    • Celina

      Ohhh yes!!!

  • Cheryl

    I have forgotten a couple of times to take a jumper or warm coat onto the plane before. NEVER AGAIN! Some planes are absolutely FREEZING and you spend your flight shivering away with no in-flight blankets :(! Although I’ve also been on some which were crazy hot. As my ‘mother would say’ you can always take layers off!


  • Talisa

    Please proofread articles before posting blogs. Your article says “clothes that prevent you from getting through security…”

  • Keltie knight

    One time I wore hideous sweatpants on a short flight, no makeup, just GROSS. thinking, oh it’s just a tiny flight, whatever. It ended up being a 10 hour day full of celebs and I was so GROSS. never again. Great article.



  • Megan

    Loving your content but you could really benefit from some better proof reading and editing. The typos are distracting!

  • Heather

    Lovely tips that will definably help me on my next flight :) http://bauchlefashion.com

  • ddupre315

    I fly overseas a few times a year and my favorite thing to bring is a pack of shower sheets so I can freshen up in the bathroom before landing. Layers are good, never know what temperature you might be stuck with for 12 hours. I also like wearing my no underwire bra, it’s much more comfortable.

  • Ali

    Great tips.

    I always take a pair of comfy pants that I change into for the flight, then I change back into jeans or slacks at the end of the flights so I can get off looking nice.

    I also make sure I take all makeup off and moisturise before sleeping. Then I pop on some foundation and mascara before I get off and I’m all set!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    I’m all about the hand luggage! My Hand Luggage Essentials is a cute cabin bag stuffed with things too bulky to carry in my handbag. It’s always a thick fleece-lined jumper, a blanket-like scarf, noise-cancelling headphones, iPad and Macbook, and a book. My flight uniform is always Heattech leggings (so warm, so comfy), a sports bra (god send for the busty!), and sneakers I can kick on and off when going through security. And a face mask – stares be damned, I’m not letting a few curious looks from other passengers get in the way of good skin. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Valeria

    Just discovered this blog, I love it!
    I’ve never had a long distance flight but I always feel uncomfortable when I get off and I have never thought about the outfit!
    So inspirational, thank you!

  • Toria

    Wearing a lace bralette is such a good idea! It’s a much more comfy alternative which is often prettier than a regular bra! Also slip on shoes is a must! This year I wore boots on the way there and sandals on the way back -both buckleup! It was an absolute nightmare walking through security, I held so many people up! woops.


  • Sasha Anderson

    One thing I always bring in my bag on flights are long socks, I might look like a dork during the flight but that totally beats having cold ankles and feet.
    So perfect to cover up the part that the blanket just can’t reach.

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