What’s On My Desk? Lisa Olsson, Digital Content Creator

I’ve been working with social media for ten years now, it became my full-time job right after I finished school. I then started my own business when I turned eighteen.

Today I’m signed at an agency in Stockholm who helps me with my campaigns and collaborations. Which is linked to my personal brand and social channels, like my blog and my Instagram account.

“As long as I have WiFi I can work wherever, whenever.”

When I’m not traveling, I work from home. I always prefer to sit and work by my desk since it helps me focus and get in the right creative mood. Also, I love the ability to go and work from my agency’s office in Stockholm. Every Monday I try to plan ahead as much as possible, by making a schedule of the week.

Right now I’m also working on a very exciting project that I will be able to reveal in a few months. This project feels like the next step but also kind of scares me.

But it feels so right, and I think our dreams should scare us a little too, don’t you?

I use Trello on my computer and on my phone. It really helps me to organize my daily life and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how productive I get throughout my day and week when I use it frequently.

It’s a great way to reduce unnecessary stress too. Making lists has become one of the most important things for me and for my business. Plus, isn’t it the best feeling to tick those to-dos off the list?

“I think our dreams should scare us a little” 

My work varies from day to day. Sometimes I’m traveling for work, doing a photo shoot, working from my agency’s office or working hard from my couch. Sometimes I’m ahead of it all and I already have photos prepared and edited, but more often I have to create new content to edit.

And to mix up my own photos in my blog feed, I sometimes also put together different collages. That’s one of the best things about my job, every day is different!

One of the first things I do when I start off my day at work is to check out some social media activity – both my own channels and in general.

Then I go through my emails, filter out what’s most important and what can wait, so I can prioritize them and reply to the most important ones. And again, my lists – I love my to-do lists haha. So I then check what’s on the radar of the day and start to tick it off.

My tasks during a regular day are usually a mix of answering emails, editing photos, updating all my social channels and having meetings with clients/my agency etc.

I have my routines, and it’s important for me to follow them, but I still like the fact that my work desk can change from one day to another.

Except for my computer, you’ll pretty much always find a book of handwritten notes and ideas on my desk.

When it feels like there are too many things going on at the same time I sometimes find it hard to know where to begin. Just writing them down helps me to get a better overview, and motivates me to schedule my day the best I can to get things done in the most effective way. I love what I do so it’s honestly not very often it feels like a burden to get things done.

My electronic equipment is a must for me to be able to work at all and I’m the most dependent on non-glamorous things like my external hard drive. But I also think it’s important to create an atmosphere around you that makes you feel inspired.

I have to make a confession…I barely ever read books. And I really wish I did it more! Podcasts are my thing instead, and I like to listen to easy to listen to podcasts as well as documentaries while I work.

Lisa’s desk essentials:

Byredo Mojave Ghost available here
Kiehl’s Cactus Flower Hydrating Mist available here
Marine Shapes Flower Pot available here
Getting Things Done Planner available here

I also have a weekend planner, a face mist to stay hydrated throughout the day, a perfume or a perfume oil (I love the tiny bottles from & Other Stories!), my glasses and my camera on my desk. I shoot a lot with film and am trying to be better at carrying it around with me more.

Small things like magazines, fresh flowers or your favorite scent will add that inspiring atmosphere to your desk and help you get things done.


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Photography by Lisa Olsson for Career Girl Daily, February 2018.

  1. Really fab to see how successful women keep they’re desks. I need to go and sort mine out now!!

  2. Such an awesome concept. I always struggle making my desks approachable both at home and at work. I hate when they become dumping grounds! Lovely inspo. xx

    Madeline, ClassicallyContemporary.com

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