What’s Inside Our Favorite Advent Calendars?


Advent calendars are always a treat, waking up and opening a door in the run up to Christmas is something that is conditioned into us from childhood, and as always, we don’t want to let the kids have all the fun. Here are a selection of our favorite beauty advent calendars and exactly what’s inside them.

Of course, it takes some of the mystery out of it, but they really are full of goodies.





ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar $76
I was pretty excited to see that ASOS had launched an advent calendar. It has a great price point, and the design is really beautiful. It’s quite large, but the marble design makes it as good as a piece of decor. It’ll look pretty wherever you put it. It might not be very traditionally seasonal in design, but it’s covetable. There are 24 products in total with a high retail value. I immediately wanted to keep the lip products (might sneak them into my bag while nobody is looking!) but there are some other pint-sized hero products in it, too. Available here.





Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar $30
This is a medium sized calendar and is quite light (so easy to carry around). It contains 24 products, and I’d say it’s perfect for a fan of candles, a lot of people buy this one for their loved ones around Christmas. Particularly Yankee Candles. It’s a limited edition advent calendar that contains mainly tea light candles and one votive candle in festive fragrances, including four that are new to 2016. Although you can guess what you’re getting in every door (a tea light) but the scents and colors are pretty and in the run up to Christmas, who doesn’t need plenty of scented candles? Available here.




Lush 12 Days Of Christmas $99
As a fan of baths and bath bombs, this is my dream gift. It’s large and quite heavy, but it contains 12 full sized, fully beautiful Lush products. It’s not a traditional calendar, there are no doors, it’s 12 products that you can use in the run up to Christmas or gift to a friend. You take off the lid and find your twelve goodies buried inside, but if you have restraint, you can definitely give yourself one every day! Available here.




The Body Shop Advent Calendar $105
This unassuming box actually hides a pretty big secret. It’s full of really cool things. When you open it up you see that each box has a number, meaning you get to give yourself a box every day from the first of December up until Christmas Eve. And oh my, does this calendar have some beauties? From beautiful soaps to eyelash curlers, lip liner and vitamin cream, each of these would stand alone as a Christmas gift. If you’re lucky enough to get this one, you get a worthy gift every single day! Available here


photography: Anaelle Claudet for Career Girl Daily

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  • Charmaine Ng

    I’ve never had an advent calendar before… maybe this year will be the first with The Body Shop’s ;) Hope it’s available where I live.
    – Charmaine

  • Fia

    Thank you for this post, it’s been a huge help in deciding which one I might get this year :)


  • Elishia

    I’m a huge fan of the advent calendar and would LOVE one of these, but they’re so expensive, I’ll have to stick to a good old fashioned chocolate one :)


  • dreamofadventures

    I love advent calendars! Even though I’m 24 my grandma sends me one every year =o) These are such great ideas for gifts too! =o)


  • Happy

    How fun, I just got the TheBodyShop Calendar :D

    Lisa | Travelblog Joy Della Vita

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