What’s On My Desk? Hanna Stefansson, Freelancer

Two and a half years ago I quit my job as Marketing Manager at Uber in Stockholm and took a chance at working on my blog and Instagram full time.

At first, I just wanted to try it out for a couple of months before getting a “real” job again. But I love this. Being my own boss and being this creative is just the best thing I know. My job feels like I’m constantly on vacation. I’m so thankful for being able to live on something that I think is fun and gives me inspiration and motivation every day.

I know my job is hard to explain. My elderly relatives don’t understand it. When I started blogging ten years ago, I could never have dreamed that it would become my full-time job.

I have very few days in front of a desk. I travel a lot, and it feels like I’m always on the go. But as long as I have my computer, iPhone and camera I can work from anywhere.

Some weeks are busy with traveling and photo shoots, while others are freer so I can set up my days depending on how I feel. I try to make content for blog posts and deal with all the admin stuff. One thing is the same every day; I shoot photos for Instagram and my blog.

My morning always starts with a nice big breakfast. Drinking coffee while working makes me feel good. So I love to have breakfast at my desk with my coffee.

Even though I live a very digital life, I’m actually very analog. I love notebooks and writing to do lists with pen and paper.

I also love flowers. My best tip for any desk is to include fresh flowers. I also have a scented candle called Feu du Bois from Diptyque that reminds me of a winter vacation at my boyfriends summer house.

That’s how you become successful at what you do, by taking help from others instead of trying to do everything by yourself.

Working with my friend and role model, Babba Rivera at Uber opened up my eyes to delegating. That’s how you become successful at what you do, by taking help from others instead of trying to do everything by yourself. It’s hard to let go of things, but when it gives you more time to do what you think is fun and gives you energy – it’s a good investment. I also read a lot of books about personality types; this helped me realize that I am who I am and have to work to my strengths to succeed.


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