What’s The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Spent Money On?



Sometimes, it’s easy to fall in love with something no matter the price. When you’re trying to be good with money, something comes along and tempts you, and before you know it, your account is empty. Now, imagine that thing you loved turns out to be something you hate – imagine the annoyed, self-deprecating shame that comes with a purchase that reminds you of an unwise decision. I decided to find out exactly what the stupidest thing the girls in the CGD office had ever spent money on.

Lois, Sales Director
I have wasted money on lots of things, from clothes I’ve never worn to gym memberships that have never been used. The stupidest thing I have spent money on is probably a shirt with Cory Kennedy (one of the first it-girls and online influencers) on it for $200 dollars. I was 15 and all my hard earned money went to that simple, self-printed t-shirt. I have to say, I have worn it a lot and it ended up being my pyjamas later on, but maybe for a 15-year-old with a small budget, I could have spent my money on wiser things.

Beth, Managing Editor 
I mean, I’ve had a few. I spent money on a coat that turned out to be an Ebay scam and never arrived, I spent almost 200 pounds on sandals that Beyoncé had only to have to ask for a refund when I realized they came back in store at Aldo, and I spent 150 on a pair of glittery shoes just because I wanted them, when I was unemployed and living on a student loan. My stupidity seems to be driven by sparkly things and clothes. Just today I filled up a shopping cart with rings that amounted to almost 200 pounds, only to empty it and shake my head in desperation. I don’t want to live out of my overdraft again so it’s time to hang up the sparkles for a time when I feel like I really deserve them.

Sophie, Editorial Intern
To be honest, I’ve never spent money on anything stupid; I only ever buy what I need. The good thing is that I’m super fussy with clothes so I rarely see anything I fall head-over-heels for enough to make me buy it, so I never go on some big shopping spree where I come out of the mall with 10 bags and my arms falling off! I’ve spent a lot of money at Christmas on my family; maybe too much – so I guess that’s a little silly and I know I need to set a budget in the future!

Celina, Creative Director
When I was in my early twenties I would say an expensive party at Ibiza where I paid a lot of money for VIP tickets and ended up leaving the party after 10 minutes. Oh, and the usual impulse buys where I used to buy something that was really expensive and ended up never wearing it.

Nowadays, I don’t think I spend my money on ‘stupid’ things. I still love shopping and I see my wardrobe as an investment. So I’ll take my time to research shoes, bags or whatever is on my wishlist and probably try it on a couple of times before I actually make the purchase and even then I’ll try it on at home and see if it will really fit in my wardrobe.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever spent money on? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to stick together on this one.

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  • Maria Carolina Costa

    I always had a lot of control with my shopping. I don’t remember what was the stupidest thing I bought! HAHAHAHA Good, isn’t it?


  • BYEM

    Most impulse purchases that are super trendy – right at that moment and then so not, two weeks later. That’s why we believe in Slow Fashion!

    Our conscious journal @ http://www.epitomeofnow.byem.com
    Scandinavian casual chic slow fashion coming soon @ http://www.byem.com

  • Hannah Lucy

    Interesting post! I don’t think I’ve bought something which was stupid, even though it can be hard at times!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Tracys Way

    I purchased a really expensive handbag that not only caused me stressed but I was having nightmares about it being lost or stolen. Never a good sign. It promptly went back to the store.

  • dreamofadventures

    I don’t really overspend on clothes, Sophie is similar to me. I do spend most of my money on travel though, where I do need to budget more =o)


  • Erin Henry (erinmayfitness)

    I am so the same as Sophie. I must admit that I am a huge Tight A** when it comes to the dosh. If I had to say one thing it would be superfoods lol. Spending $20 for a small packet of something that tastes like dirt just because it’s the superfood of the season… whoops.


  • Pippi Hepburn

    What a great question. But my foolish purchases were from younger days. I have 2 $250 bags to sell on Poshmark, $650 Prada sandals that I bought right when I lost my job during the recession being sure I would get another high paying job, Nope! Living in NYC you want so much, but I have learned to return to my New England roots and be sensible in all things.

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