Where To Stay When You’re In Florence: Breathtaking Villa Cora

We recently visited Florence and had an amazing time, while we were there we stayed in the luxuriously opulent Villa Cora, a 5-star hotel built in 1860 by Gustave Oppenheim. We really wanted to share our experience with you girls, if you ever want a divine place to stay in (or get married in) this is absolutely the place for you!

Where To Stay When You're In Florence:

When we first arrived, we were bowled over by the stunning beauty of the area, in the quiet of the night we arrived by taxi and were greeted by the staff who took our bags and showed us the area on a map. We then went for a tour which revealed more of the breathtaking architecture of the building, from detailed walls and ceiling murals to gigantic gold chandeliers and gothic baroque mirrors. We truly felt like film stars.

Our rooms were similarly impressive, with huge beds that never seemed to end and large sweeping curtains, spreading my papers and laptop all over the place felt criminal, but it was amazing to work in such an inspiring environment. Use of some of the spa facilities were included in the price of the room, we took a walk around and had a chat with some of the lovely ladies that worked there.

Where To Stay When You're In Florence:

We’ve never seen hotel grounds quite so breathtaking, we spent quite a bit of time imagining what it would be like to get married in the grounds of such an amazing, tranquil place. During the day, there was nothing quite like walking around the carefully manicured gardens in the golden sunshine – and in the evening we had dinner at Le Pool, the gorgeous poolside restaurant that serves exquisite food and cool, crisp wines.

We also want to say how amazing the staff were during our stay, everybody was so nice and attentive, from the private car ride we got into town to the amazing cleaners who were so kind and unintrusive. We had so much fun, and were well looked after, plus nobody judged me for wandering into breakfast with ripped jeans and bed hair, so that was a plus.

If you want to feel like a vintage Hollywood star at the height of her career you need to check into Villa Cora, the staff will treat you like a celebrity and you’ll come home feeling like it was all a wonderful dream. 

Villa Cora 
Viale Machiavelli 18, 50125 Florence (Italy)
Tel. +39 055 22 87 90


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