Why Aren’t You Planning Your Dream Trip Now?


Everybody has one, a dream trip they’ve always wanted to go on. A sojourn in Santorini, a peruse around Paris, a wander around Waikiki. And like most dreams, they stay on the back burner, waiting for the right time. Well if you know anything about CGD, you’ll know that we believe that the right time is now.

There’s no point waiting to plan a trip when you think you’ll have more time, be more financially secure, have fewer responsibilities, because throughout your life the scales of balance will dip and tip in all kinds of directions, and that dream trip is waiting for you.

Sure, you’re off on vacation, but how would you feel if it was the dream trip? If you could just open your eyes and be in the place you’ve always wanted to go brilliant right? So why not start planning your perfect trip right now? Here’s how:

Write down the bones 

Grab a planner and write down the bones of what you want to do. You can use the Goals 2019/2020 Diary for something like this, look a year in advance into your monthly calendar and stick down a sticker or write in the date you want to go traveling.

Turn to the back of your diary and use the notes pages to write down everything you want to do, the checklist section is the perfect place to make a loose itinerary, and you can use the timed weekly layout to actually plan your trip nearer to the time. This is the perfect way to turn your dream into reality. Be big and bold with your ideas, you can research later and figure out what’s actually achievable for you.

Get organized 

Besides a planner, you’re going to need a passport cover and luggage tag. We’ve just launched the Adventure Travel Set which contains our 100% vegan off-white leather passport cover and luggage tag, and trust us – you need it.

Hear me out, how many times have you misplaced your passport or grabbed the wrong bag at the luggage belt. Or, like me, had that moment of panic where you don’t remember what your case looks like. A luggage tag will clear that all up and give you extra peace of mind that if someone else accidentally grabs your bag, you’ve got a cheeky reminder that they should return it (for eternal good karma). Similarly, you won’t have to pat yourself down for your passport if you can see that beautiful gold embossed passport cover staring back at you from your bag. Check them out here and see for yourself.

Do a little research 

Now you want to get out of your own head and actually research. Use Pinterest, Google, travel books, seek out the hidden, little-known things that you never thought you would be going to see and write it down in your planner. You know the kind of things that will appeal to you, and sometimes, things like free walking tours are an amazing investment – helping you to get to know the place and actually see things you never thought you could.

Figure out your expected spend 

You might think your dream vacation has to cost thousands, it doesn’t. You can figure out your expected spend by cutting costs down and finding free things to entertain yourself with. Renting a holiday home as opposed to going for hotels can cut costs, and be realistic. It can still be a dream without costing the earth!



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