Why Career Girls Should Go To Southeast Asia

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 13.25.25Backpackers, luxury spa-goers, yogis, and surfers alike all flock to the paradise of Southeast Asia.  The food, the terrain, the people; all are reasons to venture East.  Southeast Asia is another world entirely, with nooks and crannies to explore every way you turn.  Grab a camera, some sunscreen, and a bottle of bug repellent, and get packing for your next great adventure!

A balance of ancient culture and commercialized innovations, this cluster of islands and countries is the worlds physical manifestation of a yin-yang relationship.  Are you looking for relaxation or excitement?  A yoga session on the beach or a zip line through the treetops?  Interested in the old cities or in modern retreats?  Tropical forests of flora and fauna or the myriad of species in the salty crystal seas?  Southeast Asia holds it all in beautiful balance.

Depending on who you ask or what travel agency you use, you might end up with a multitude of must see lists and tourist maps because, simply put, there are far too many must see checkpoints to cram all into one trip.  Cultural overload!  Let your eyes and ears be amazed at what the world has to offer. There is something for every personality; many things, in fact!

So my advice would be this: do your research long before booking any flights, hotels, or hostels.  Curate all of your findings to what you want, not just what one expert has suggested.  There are a million things to see and do but not all will be to your liking.  Maybe you are a history-buff looking for temples and ruins, a city girl yearning for the markets of Bangkok and Hoi An, or a nature-lover searching out the Niah Caves of Malaysia.  Create a bucket list that gets you excited!

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Maybe youll lounge on the bioluminescent beach of the Maldives, in awe of the nightly phenomenon beneath your feet.  Or if youre more of an adventurer, maybe youll float above the temples of Bagan in a hot air balloon, watching as the steam of early dawn rises with the sun over the worlds largest concentration of Buddhist temples.

Southeast Asia is yours to discover.  Go, do, and be inspired!

Written by Britany Powell