Giving Yourself A Home Spa Day Could Be The Best Thing For Your Career


Let me take the pressure off you for a second. You don’t have to schedule a spa day somewhere in your busy weekend filled with meeting friends, keeping up with your family or your relationships, catching up on TV and picking up a good book.

We can’t all be superwoman, as much as we’d like to be. We’d love to have more hours in the day to work on our side projects, have time for our hobbies, look after our houses, clean and cook for ourselves, go shopping, exercise, read our favourite magazines and websites…but we don’t. So we often let our own needs come last. When was the last time you were pampered? Here’s why you should give it a go…

Relaxing is the key to a fresh perspective

Taking 30 minutes to run yourself a proper bath and soak in it while you mull over the day (preferably with a glass of wine) can help you get the perspective you need. After a night’s sleep, you’ll wake up with a pep in your step and your colleagues will wonder what miracle treatment you’ve embarked on when really you just shut the door and soaked your aching muscles while thinking about everything you’re grateful for.

Tip: Add a few drops of Lucy Annabella Cloud Nine Organic Bath Milk to your bath to turn your bath from blah to spa!

Taking care of yourself is important in an industry where you’re judged

Unfortunately, it’s true, some industries are judgemental. Potential employers and colleagues will look at your hair, nails and skin as an indication of your work ethic. If you have haunted eye bags, chipped nail varnish and dull skin, they’re likely to make assumptions about you that aren’t true (I’m working right now with all of the above!) but when you’re out and about meeting people it’s important to look healthy and well.

Tip: For extra bright skin use Starskin Close-Up Bio-Cellulose Face Mask which uses fermented coconut juice to ensure it acts fast, and for a quick manicure try Barry M’s Sunset Gel, after curing the polish with a top coat it will look as if you’ve had a professional manicure.

You’re less likely to have a burn out if you make time for yourself

Taking some much needed time for yourself is truly important. Burnout lurks around the corner if you push yourself too hard, so after your bath and reflection session, be kind to yourself, make yourself a hot chocolate (no caffeine before bed) figure out everything that’s bothering you by writing it all down in a journal (once it’s on the page it’s off your mind) and curl up with a good book before you go to sleep.

Tip: Use a Lavender body oil like Ole Henriksen Lavender Body Oil all over after your relaxing bath to ensure you have soft, moisturised skin while you sleep stress-free.

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  • Olivia Romero

    Time, time, time is the challenge. We just have to believe we’re worth taking the time to do something like an in-home spa treatment. It’s so beneficial for body and soul.

    • Totally agree! It really pays off. x

  • EverydayElevated

    Be kind to yourself is something I want to remember every single day! Thanks for the reminder.


    • Ahh you’re welcome Lisa, it’s so hard to find time for everything in our lives and we often forget to nourish ourselves! x

  • dreamofadventures

    definitely taking a bubble bath tomorrow night, it’s been a long week

    • Tell me about it! I love a good bubble bath x

  • Giorgia Melis

    Since I was 13 i was used to take care of my skin, every month i went at the spa to take a facial because of my skin issue! A few years later i began to have my spa at home, so much cheaper and more fun!

    • Wow, that’s amazing! I’m going to my first spa soon, but I always feel like your house is the best (and most exclusive) spa you could ever find :) x

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