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4 Reasons Why It’s So Extremely Important To Listen To Your Body

Celina2Many millennial women are burning out before 30, and I actually can completely understand! We are under enormous pressure. Society says you should be successful before your 30’s. I watch my friends get married, get good jobs, buy houses and having babies. It is hard to not feel the pressure. Some of us actually want that, too. Also, before 30 please! So we work very hard in our late twenties because time is ticking…

As I am working from home some days, I sometimes don’t even bother to dress myself properly. Since Starbucks is around the corner, I take a quick shower, put my hair up in a bun and go out without makeup to get myself a flat white. Why make the effort to make myself look decent? I’ll just embrace that Parisian no make-up style. (there is actually a difference between the elegant Parisian look and looking like a freak of nature) It is just a waste of time and time is money.

Here’s a list of simple things I tend to forget while I am busy working and how I tackle these little issues.


# 1 Love your body because you love yourself

While you are very busy working, it is important to love yourself and not forget to take care of your body. This means eat healthy, exercise, get a manicure/pedicure, a facial and all other stuff we women do to make ourselves look decent and feel good. You’re not doing this for other people, NO, you’re doing this for you because you love yourself and you’re a Career Girl in heels.

#2 But I’m too busy, I don’t have time for that sh*t

I came up with a plan. Since I sometimes forget to polish my nails or get that facial, I decided to write those things down in my planner. Every day, I schedule some special ‘Celina time‘. One hour just for myself where I can do whatever I want. A relaxing bath, with an organic scented candle, and a Lush bath bomb while I am reading a magazine or something else. This way I do not forget to take care of myself.

#3 Stop ordering food each day

I’m not sure if you girls have this as well. But I actually can’t remember the last time I cooked myself a proper meal. Why bother to cook something healthy when there’s an app in London called Deliveroo? I’ve seriously told all my friends about this amazing app(not sure if you have this in the States), which is a gift from heaven for every girl in her twenties who doesn’t like to cook but still wants quality food from good restaurants in London.

Solution: plan your meals! Plan it on Sunday evening and do your groceries on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Oh and if you still don’t have time, and you are lazy like I am, just order your groceries (hey, I am still preparing meals myself…)

#4 There is no excuse to skip breakfast

Sometimes, you would actually think I am on a diet. But I am not, I often forget to eat and live on Redbull, Diet Coke, and Starbucks (I just realize, I must sound like the unhealthiest person on this planet).  This last month I felt like my energy levels have gone extremely low. No surprise, because honestly who can actually live on this diet? So again, make sure you eat three at least three healthy meals a day, so your energy levels stay up. Add more raw, leafy green veggies to your diet. I really believe this is the key to improving your energy in one night and drink tons of water.

Hang in there, quit your bitching, take a chill pill. You’re right where you’re supposed to be so just calm down. It’s all gonna work out.
I don’t know about you but I’m going to stick that on my bedroom wall.


  1. Katelyn McPhee says

    Great post! Really helpful for me as a 20 year old- I related to almost everything you said.

  2. Laura Kidd says

    Thanks for writing this. I completely agree there is so much pressure! I do many of these things regularly just to feel normal and functional. They seem small but they make such a difference. Hope you can find time to eat more regularly, you’ll definitely feel more energy! Much love.

  3. Martha says

    Totally agree with every tip in this post! I always feel so much more “myself” when I take some care like doing my nails, putting on make up, eating well and exercising regularly. I’m just more positive, proactive and productive.

  4. Ellie Burns says

    I’m loving the “me time” for my planner. I know it’s important to relax but my schedule always overruns my plans to do nothing!

  5. Emily says

    I absolutely cannot function if I do not eat breakfast. I sacrifice 15 minutes extra of sleep in for breakfast, and it is worth it!

    Emily | Always Emily

  6. Nadia says

    How amazing these tips are! I can’t start a day without breakfast & a cuppa :) It’s definitely so important to have the “me time” #bliss
    xox N.

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