Why Most Successful Women Wear High Heels And Why We Like To Pretend They Don’t Hurt Our Feet

It’s a mystery. Why do we like to pretend that high heels don’t hurt our feet?

If you look around you will probably notice that a lot of successful women wear high heels. Why do we women wear high heels despite the fact they will hurt like crazy at the end of the day? There is a very good reason why and it has nothing to do with style or men.


If you ask any woman for the one detail she took away from Sex and the City, she’ll mention shoes. We all know Carrie’s shoe obsession and how we love the idea of  wearing our own four-inch Jimmy Choo stilettos during our date with Mr Big. Most guys think that we women put on our sky-high heels to attract their attention. But they’re so wrong. The real reason why we wear high heels is very simple. It’s called ‘power dressing’.

Power dressing-  refers to a style of clothing and hair intended to make women more authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings in business, law, and government’.

Wearing heels makes us feel good and empowered. Let’s assume you are wearing high heels because it makes you feel good. When you feel good about yourself you will feel more confident. When you are confident you are more motivated, have more energy and you actually dare to take risks. It actually makes you more productive, which is the base of success.

It is proven, heels give more confidence but don’t overdo it.

It DOESN’T mean that you should replace your sneakers and flats for heels and wear them every day from now on. But when you go to a party, job interview or important meeting. Would you wear heels or flats? What would make you feel more confident. Let us know in the comments below.