Why Taking A Step Back Is Sometimes A Good Idea

large (1)Do you find yourself drowned in paperwork with an alarming amount of unopened emails and a to-do list longer than your arm? Is your morning coffee now stone cold because you’re yet to even find the time to drink it? If so then stop what you are doing right now, take a deep breath and go and treat yourself to a Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream, you will thank me for it.

Taking time out is a must, time out from work, life, people, stress, and damn right worrying. Time out for me means putting on the kettle, using my favourite mug and sitting down at my laptop typing my little heart out. It relaxes me and gives me focus, allows me to gather all my thoughts and store them all in one place instead of having them randomly pop up during the day. Time out means a chance to stop thinking about the negatives and instead think about how many good things you have in your life and how many opportunities you are yet to discover.

A bit of pressure is healthy, it makes us work and it makes us strive to be the best but so much stress that you just want to give up and hide under the duvet because you can’t face the thought of failure and humiliation is definitely too much. Learning to take time out is so important, not only for yourself but for those around you, not even your best friend wants to put up with you when you’re in constant work mode, those emails you so desperately want to check, they can wait.

#1 Look at the bigger picture

It’s so easy to get so caught up in what you’re doing in this exact moment that sometimes it takes just a small step back to realise that actually in the grand scheme of things nothing is ever worth getting so stressed about. Maybe you missed a deadline or maybe you forgot your boss takes their latte skinny and you used full-fat milk, but you know what, it’s really not the end of the world.

#2 Do something you love

Whether you view yourself as the next Mary Berry or prefer working up a sweat in your local Zumba class if it works for you then carry on doing it. Having a work/life balance is so important, never be so busy working for a living that you actually forget to live!

#3 Learn to say No

We all want to impress, it’s in our nature to want to do well and be the best we can be, but you must learn when to say no. Saying yes to the late nights and the extra shifts is great if you get something out of them but putting in all the extra effort to not even receive a simple thank you for it is something you could do without. Put focus into something that makes you feel fulfilled.

#4 Find a Balance

The balance between working and living is a hard one to get right, we all work to provide for ourselves, some people are lucky enough to do what they love and for those lucky few getting up and going to work every day is probably a walk in the park. For those who are not as fortunate it’s so important to remember to switch off and try not to take work back home with you.

It’s okay just for one day to be far more concerned about when the new episode of Suits will be up on Netflix than stressing over how professional your CV looks and if you want to spend the day watching Disney films on the sofa then that’s okay too!

Written by Sophie Black.

  • Alexandra

    Such good points here!! I 100% agree:)x

  • ailyn

    I agree, now i just need to practice the points here, which is easier said than done

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