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This Is How Twentysomethings Can Start Off Their Career On the Right Foot

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It is all too easy to sit back and daydream about where we see ourselves in one, five or even ten years time. However these dream roles are unlikely to fall into our laps. It is essential to get out there and make these dreams a reality! A sure fire way to get yourself on the right track is through a personal development plan.

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What is a personal development plan?

It is a comprehensive action plan for both short and long term goals. Ideally a plan of this nature will note the goal, how to achieve the goal and a time frame for completion. Creating a robust development plan will lead to many positive outcomes.

Having a personal development plan will help you stay motivated

If we are coasting along in our careers without any real sense of purpose or direction, it can be difficult to stay motivated. However having a definitive strategy and goals can really focus the mind and ensure we keep moving forward, striving to be the very best we can be. Think of it as a road map to guide you where you want to go.

A personal development plan helps you gain clarity and gain confidence

Having a solid personal development plan can lead to seriously high levels of self-confidence. For career girls this is a huge positive. Working towards targets and seeing success is a huge boost to self esteem levels. Do you see yourself in the same line of work in five years time? Does the thought of dealing with the same colleagues, clients and workload send a shiver down your spine? Or does it excite and engage you? There is nothing quite like planning long term goals to provide some much needed clarity, or even a harsh reality check.

You can learn what you need to improve on, too

Years ago individuals trained for one role and that became essentially a job for life. Times really have changed. People switch up roles at the drop of a hat. Many jobs are multi-faceted, requiring a variety of skills. Taking the time to plan the future can allow you to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. What do I need to improve on, what areas do I require training in? These are valuable reflections to be gained from the planning process.

The thought of drafting a personal development plan can be intimidating, but it is clear the benefits will be huge. Taking the time to plan ahead with a clear strategy in mind can only lead to success.

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  1. Hannah says

    Just the post I needed! Plan plan plan!

  2. Carla says

    That’s a really good article… I’m glad you’ve made it !!

    Xoxo, Carla.
    Alana & Kyra

  3. tory says

    Wish you had shown an example of a plan instead of simply saying why its good!

  4. Pam says

    i loved this! As a girl taking a gap year between high school and college this really inspired me because i know where i want to be eventually and thanks to this post i know a way to get there.

  5. Hanna says

    I’ve been needed to do something like this, just didn’t know where to start -Hanna Lei

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  6. Linda D. says

    A career or a personal development plan is a great idea! It takes some time to prepare but it opens your eyes to so many possibilities and things that you may want to fix. Also, it stays with you for a long time, as you revisit it every few months and add/cross off things as you go. I was actually planning to prepare a post on this myself (as I work as a career coach now), so I will definitely find motivation now. Thank you!

    Linda D. ❈

  7. Kayla says

    These are great tips, I have finally figured out my plan, but in order to work and work hard, I lose time for the things I love, and my blog posts can sometime suffer, do you have any advice?

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