Why You Should Keep Your Goals To Yourself

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We’ve all set ourselves some new goals this year, from getting fit to working hard or even something amazing like writing a book. How many of us have turned around, excitedly and told everyone who’d listen what we were going to do? STOP! Just by telling someone about your goals and dreams you make it more likely that they’re never going to happen…here’s why.

You’ll trick your mind

It’s called social reality, and it basically means that when you get the congratulations and massive pat on the back for what you’re intending to do, your brain considers it already basically done, so you feel less likely to work towards it. It’s happened time and time again to everyone who over zealously shouts about how they’re going to drop a dress size or run a marathon, only to give up after receiving all the praise.

You have no element of surprise

For some reason, the element of ‘surprise’ is a great motivator. For example, if you have a goal to work towards, only tell people small pieces of information and wait for the big ‘reveal’, you will get a much bigger boost of motivation if people had no idea what you were working towards until you accomplished it, plus they’ll really want to know what went on behind the scenes.

Psychological studies show there is a right way to announce your goals and dreams

In a study, 163 people were asked to write down their goals, half of them shared them with the group, the other half didn’t. Immediately after they were all asked to do 45 minutes of work that would get them towards their goal, the half that didn’t share their goals finished the task and said they still had a long way to go, the half that did finished on average 33 minutes into the test and felt like they had less of a way to go. If you want to announce your goal you should do it in a way that still holds you accountable. Watch the TED talk from Derek Sivers below to find out more.




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    Yes! Keep it a surprise!

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    I agree with the element of surprise! It really motivates me!! Really good post! kisses:D


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