Why You Should Treat Your Job Search Like A Dating Game

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Looking for a job is, in many ways, comparable to the weird and wonderful world of dating. There are the companies you fall in love with at first sight, and the ones that almost put you off life itself.

Choosing a company is never just about the position, or the money. Just like dating, it’s all about the fit. Would you date a guy if he had this weird propensity to call his mother every five minutes? Would you date someone who was always stressed or constantly disorganised? The same should go for your future employer. Think about this: If they were a person, would you date them?

Here are 5 tactics to treat your job search like a dating game:

1 Suss out their company culture
Do they make you feel all warm inside? Are they outgoing or quiet and collected? Think about how the company culture sits with you and whether you see eye-to-eye. Do they value their employees, is there a lot of chance for promotion? These are all questions you need to answer.

2 Figure out if you want the same things
Are you accepting the job because you feel unemployable, or is it a match made in heaven? Think about whether the company believes in the same things you do. If they’re all about profit and you’re all about social change, it’s time to say goodbye.

3 Think about the kind of relationship you want with the company
Are they looking for casual, temporary workers, or do they want to train you up to be the director some day? Always think about who you would be to the company, and who you would want them to be for you.

Where are they heading?
Not unlike a partner you’re terrified of introducing to your parents, a company’s direction can often determine how it’s seen and where it can take you. Where are they likely to be in five years time?

5 Where are you heading?
Do you have space for them in your life? This is particularly valid for companies that have long working hours and few holidays. Remember that if it isn’t right, there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Written by Rashina Gajjar.


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