Why You Should Use Motivational Lists To Get What You Want

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We all have a million things we want to do and achieve in our lives, but sometimes it can all seem too much. It’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed, to sink under the weight of all your goals, and you may even start to lose focus. This is why a simple list is a vital tool in helping you reach your ambitions and ultimately, success.




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This may seem obvious, but motivational lists will help maintain motivation – which we all know is hard at times. If you’re really lacking motivation you need to check out our Monday Motivation article on why looks aren’t everything! When you’ve got this big seemingly unattainable dream, listing the steps that you intend to take will clarify your thoughts and give you achievable short-term targets. Once it’s written down, a task becomes a commitment and every time you cross one off is a mini fist pump moment, making it so much easier to push on through to the next task.



Lists are amazing at keeping us organized. Structuring your tasks will make them far more manageable and you will feel much more grounded. You can easily see what’s done and what you still have left to do. So, sit down, make a plan, and then see that plan through to realization! That’s why we believe a notebook is the simplest tool for productivity.




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To achieve your goals, you need to prioritize the important jobs over the ‘it can wait’ jobs. Your list will help you stop wasting time, (like watching cat videos on YouTube!) and refocus your attention. How often do you spend thinking about what needs to be done next, whilst already doing something? Or worry about what you’ve forgotten? With a list, you won’t forget a thing or be as distracted, and your productivity levels will shoot up!

So, start listing and you will become less stressed, more organized and realize you’ve got so much more time in the day to get things done. Your goals will become easy to reach!


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