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CGD is officially one year old! It’s been a hell of a year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your feedback and support! We’re so grateful, so we wanted to say thanks by running a giveaway every week for a month!

This week’s prize is a beautiful rose gold Christian Paul watch. As well as being water resistant, this watch has a chic marble face and an interchangeable minimalistic white strap.

This giveaway runs from 1-17 to 1-24!

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  • Eliana

    Happy Birthday ♥♥

    I love pretty much all the content you have here, but maybe some traveling posts, like tips, outfits, places….


    • Toyin Folasade Omotoye

      Happy birthday CGD, all the way from Africa… I’d love to read a bit more on personal finance and investment advice. I’m sure its something we can all benefit from. Thanks for such an amazing site. Its changed my life

  • Elisa

    Happy Birthday CG!

  • Giorgia Melis

    I would like to read about living in london, i am thinking of moving to London but i am afraid not to find a job or that it is too expensive. What advices could you give to someone that wants to move there?

  • Grite

    I would like to get information and tips about different cities, so when I travel I would know the best places to visit or have a dinner.
    Also I would love to get to know about new fashion trends and simple,affordable outfits.

    Happy Birthday CGD!

  • Helene Vlacho

    Happy Birthday! Anything related to Paris will make my day!

  • Yasmin

    I would love to read your tips on how to stand out at work

  • disqus_TMV4pepCNy

    Happy Birthday 🎉
    I would like to read more about Beauty and Lifestyle. My two favorite things to read about.

  • Emily Persson SPGY

    I’m loving this idea with a give away and happy birthday to the blog!
    I would love to read more about your career tips, they’ve really helped med in figuring out what I want to do and how I’m going to succeed in life. In general I really like all the posts where you give the readers tips on all kinds of areas. (Btw. it’s my 20th birthday on Tuesday and I’d love that watch)

  • Sheila

    Happy Birthday CGD! I would to read more about travelling and living in London. And of course more career and fashion tips.

  • Liz Stephenson

    Would love to read more pieces on throwing kick ass events or get togethers

  • Ana Cardoso

    Happy birthday!!
    I would like to read more career tips.


  • Donshell

    I love reading career related topics and tips. Happy Birthday

  • BrightEyed Angel

    Happy Birthday! I would love to read about college, university and internship advice

  • Flower

    Happy birthday!!!! I would love to get some ideas on how to time manage your day between work and everything else, how to fit everything in and still have time for yourself! XxXxXx

  • Sarina Raidi

    Happy Birthday CGD! I would like to read more about ways to increase expertise, experience and knowledge

  • Maria Raphael

    I would like to read about how to get out of a financial slump when you’re young. It’s a scary thing and it’s hard to know where to start, especially when you have to juggle school, work, a social life, and other things on top of that.

  • Tayler Wolfe

    I love reading the book recommendations and the articles about career advancement.

  • Ione

    Happy birthday ❤
    I’ll like to read some tips about how catch up on university work, thanks in advance 😉

  • Millie

    I live to read all of your tips on how to make it through school into your dream job, hopefully one day!!!cxx

  • Sara

    I would like to read more articles for first time managers

  • Gabrielle Caldwell

    Happy birthday CGD! I would love to hear more career fashion tips and balancing life in big cities x

  • Sinéad Burke

    Happy birthday! I’d love to read about how to juggle your career alongside studying for a university degree please! Also more articles on workwear style!

  • Izzie Kalaja

    Happy birthday CGD! You’re my favourite site to check daily, keep up the amazing content and vibes. I’d love to read about what it’s like to work in specific cities around the world, or spotlights on each of your team members about their career girl stories and favourite things.

  • Chloe Bruderer

    Discovering your site was the best part of my 2015! I would also loooove to hear personal success from career girls, and keep up the good work 😍 Xoxox

  • LannyIsaza

    happy bday :) it’s going to be my bday next friday too. I would love to read more stuff about finding motivation when things are exactly working out as planned.

    also, would you check out my blog?

  • lucy nguyen

    Hi! I’ve recently started a blog ( and I just wanted some top tips for beginners on everything and anything. Also I would love some tips on choosing a better blog name. Thanks guys xx

  • Ronja

    I would like to read about how to dress for work. For example what one should think about, especially when one is new or going to an interview

  • Lisa

    Only New to this blog and loving it…. there is so much tips and advice on all areas of life…still discovering them so I’ll have to get back on what I would like to see more of..Happy Birthday ladies.. looking forward to discovering more …

  • Hannah

    I would like to see more tips and tricks, whether it be about living in London or scoring brownie points with your boss

  • Whitney Haller

    Happy Birthday! I would like to learn more about having relationship with a 80+ hour job–balance is so hard!

  • Raylene Debattista

    I just read the article about bad day vs burnout and would like to read about what to do if you DO find yourself being burnt out..

  • Nkirote Mutisya

    Happy Happy Birthday! Been following your blog now and it’s really amazing the fact that you guys give valuable and practical advice. I’ll soon be getting into fashion blogging; if you guys can give advice and tips on that, it would be lovely. Thank you.

  • Ellie Coleman

    Happy birthday! I would love to hear about leveraging a liberal arts degree in a business interview. Thanks from a college junior and career girl! Xo

  • Christina L

    Happy Birthday! Thank you girls for all your hard work on CGD so people like me can spend hours poring over your posts! I’d like to see more posts about successful women as those are the ones that inspire me the most. In particular, I’d like to know more about the CGD girls. What motivates you to be a career girl, morning routines, etc! :)

  • Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

    Happy Birthday! One year is a big milestone :) I love all of your career posts or delicious work lunch recipes! I’m always looking for work inspiration (whether food or career focused)! Cheers to another year :)

  • Fishbeckg

    Happy Birthday! I always enjoy reading all of your posts! Im getting married next fall so I would love to continue reading about skin and hair care! I also would love to read more financial advice! Getting married, buying a house, etc is all coming at me at once! :)

  • Nicole Martinez

    This happens to be one of my favorite newsletters! Thank you for having easy to read articles that are helpful! I’d love to read more about financial planning and setting goals.

  • Rowan

    Love your blog! You guys have so many great tips! What I would love to see in the future is kick- starting your career while you’re still in school i.e. how to line up internships and starting to network in college. Can’t wait for more great content!

  • Hannah Bryant

    I’d like to see some tips on relocating!

  • Mafalda Paiva

    I love to read about improving your career and boosting your self-confidence! 😊

  • Christy DuBois

    Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary. I enjoy the variety of posts that you have for ultimately becoming s better you/me. I enjoy building self esteem, beauty and fashion, recipes, etc.. I enjoy all you post.

  • Paulina Rios

    Happy Birthday!!! I would Love to read more about carrer tips! I don’t know if is open international but I hope you have the best new Year! Followed And subscribed

  • Leslie Kay

    I love reading about the career tips! Keep it coming:) Maybe something on having a full time job and making some cash on a side business using a hobby!

  • Kayti Clayton

    I love all of the organizational/blogging tips kind of posts!

  • Anners

    Happy Birthday! I love articles about different ways to be more efficient.

  • Asia @ The Cracked Lens

    I’d love to read more about books and how to rock internships!

  • Allison

    Would love to hear about work-life balance. Being a top notch career girl and meeting the demands of work, while also trying to be a good mom/wife/family member!

  • Margarida Machado

    Happy Birthday! I like to read all of your posts about how to be succeed in our personal life. Kisses :*

  • Nina Alexopoulou

    Happy happy birthday CGD! I love reading your posts about freelance careers and tools, but I also can’t wait for more career girl lifestyle posts!

  • Shalesha Labelle

    I’d like to read about Networking, and building your business. Entrepreneurial content!

  • Rapanzuel Tangled

    Would look forward to reading about building a career, also making a move to a different career.

  • Kadri

    I really like reading CGD and I think most topics are already covered. However, the most useful posts for me are the ones about time management as I am working at a 9 to 5 job and trying to graduate from university at the same time. After graduating I am planning to start with some freelancing while still keeping my 9 to 5 job, so posts regarding that would oll really good.
    Also, posts about working out and eating healthy while having a busy lifestyle are amazing.

  • Paola Guzman Rosapep

    Thanks for such good weekly advise! Looking forward to read from you all many more years of #GirlHelp & #GirlPower #MumsAtWork #WorkingMums

  • S Geo

    i love career posts

  • Kim Tran-Flores

    I love to see more post about work wear/fashions, DIY and career/home life.

  • Kate

    I’d love to read about switching careers and some smart moves to building a new career!

  • Meg

    I’d love to read about what I, as a student, could do whilst at uni that will make me look better/be better for prospective employers in the future? Tips and tricks to be more than just a graduate? Thanks so much! Absolutely LOVE this blog, so varied and helpful in all aspects of life! X

  • Erin Armitage

    Would love some articles on advancing in your career. Maybe some different industry profiles

  • bekswhoknits

    I’ve just found this site and it’s amazing. Although I’ve just become a 30something the advice is fabulous and right on point. I really liked the article on mentors and how to have one without knowing someone in person.
    I really like the networking posts too. That’s something I struggle with a lot. Mostly because I suck at pretending to be an extravert and making small talk.
    I’d like to see more about building a career and being your own cheerleader. And how to get that balance between being switched on at work and not burning yourself out by being 100% committed at and having nothing left for my home-
    Oh and more about awesome books to read and self develop.

  • Nida

    Oh, I don’t even know what else I could ask, because I like everything you post :)
    I think that most interesting for me would be – how to eat healthy and find time for workouts when you have a busy shedule :) Just how to boost your daily routine at work :)

  • Kaldy AbduAllah


  • Abby Parkins

    Although I love reading about how to make yourself more successful in your job, I would love really like to see more posts on fashion in the work place or home interior :) oh and motivational reads :)

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