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CGD is officially one year old! It’s been a hell of a year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your feedback and support! We’re so grateful, so we wanted to say thanks by running a giveaway every week for a month!

This week’s prize is a copy of Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré. This book is one of our faves at the moment, it tells you everything you need to know about being fashionable and contains some great life advice!

This giveaway runs from January 24th till January 31st.

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  • Laura

    It’s not a question but I would really love to hear each of your stories about how you came where you are today, with this blog and everything.

    Ps: Reeeeally love you guys :*

  • Jas

    All done :) I would love a reading list of books written by inspirational women.
    | Jas Poole Blog | photography + lifestyle

    • Jas

      PS: congrats on the one year!

  • Kia Traviness

    How to get ahead in PR and Marketing in specific :)

  • Stephanie G

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to have more tips on depression, as I struggle with it and can’t find my passion.

  • Ana

    The question is the best books for being a career girl daily ;)

  • Niko

    How to make money online!! 😄😁 and easy, healthy recipes 👌🏻

  • Erin Larcher

    When you’re planning for your career ahead, what are some good tips for budgeting and spending your money in a smart way?

  • Liz

    Which career advice would you considering as the most important you ever got and which one will you pass on?

  • Julie De Neef

    I enjoy articles on inspirational women or Instagramers/ youtubers.

  • Chelci Watson

    Would you ever consider doing internships?

  • Stefani

    Challenges with defining an ideal career!

  • LannyIsaza

    have you considered having guest authors?

  • Krisha Shah

    How to figure what you want to do and know which are the best steps towards your career ?
    I’m 20 and studying fashion design but what in fashion is where I’m very confused thus which place I should go intern is more confusing.

  • Tayler Wolfe

    How to go about starting your own business later in life.

  • Eva EthnicQueen

    Ways to a steady success in entrepreneurship..

  • Becci Hailey

    Would you ever consider one off guest blog posts from a fellow career girl? (worth a try :) )

  • Liz

    How would you suggest to build a career abroad when you come from a small country in Skandinavia? Any good tips?

  • Andrea Batt

    Less of a question and more of a topic to dive into. I’ve decided and have finally gotten to a place where I’m happy with my choice to follow a career in the food service industry (for now I’m a server). However, this is seen to many as a more transitional job to get you by while waiting for the real deal. Also, there’s not a lot of career resources out there for this industry since no one really takes it seriously as a career path. More dialogue on this would be super helpful and inspiring! Thanks!

  • Tatyana K Afeli

    Hi CGD! I discovered you guys after I made an account on bloglovin and I must say you guys have inspired me on a whole another level! I love how you all are so down to earth and devote your time to help others ( LIKE ME) with your experience in the industry. I’m 16 years and I didn’t know what I wanted to do but now I’ve decided that I would love a career in the business side of fashion, such as fashion buying,directing,managing,… You’re articles always motivate and prepares me for my future and I really want to say THANK YOU for that. I never used to read blogs but since 2016 and after readings yours, I’m totally going to get into reading lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs. Now after my boring ramble :) my question is: How did y’all meet and become such a great team? Who came up with the idea and what kept you so motivated? Do you have any advice for me and what I would like to do or advice on your industry or anything else, I would greatly appreciate! xx

  • Patrícia M.

    Hello CGD! Your site is such a big interesting deal that I was really chocked to discover that you only have one year, so, my big question is that I would like you to describe step by step you’re evolution, even I knowing that you’ve been sharing so much about this theme, I think that a all about post would be really interesting and inspiring to read it.
    Thanks a lot.
    I would also love to win that gorgeous book.


  • Danielle

    Hi CGD! Thanks for all of the inspiring content. My question is, how can I more effectively gain customers for my US-based business while I travel? I do consulting work, which doesn’t require me to be based in an office, but I often wonder how to most effectively reach people who could benefit from my skills, but I don’t know where to start. Any resources or ideas you have would be great. Also, if anyone reading this needs statistical consulting…please head over to and we’ll talk! Thanks!

  • India

    Hi CGD! What are the best ways of dealing with an office crush?

  • Venus Chao

    Hi CGD! I have been following you all on Bloglovin’ for awhile now. I have had problems with finding a job and would like to know more about networking. What are some helpful tips to get out there and meet people who are connected in the industry that I am interested in?

  • Nida

    What should woman-boss wear at work?

  • Fanny

    Do you have any tips for balancing school and work life?

  • Annabel Britton

    I’m at uni so – how to start a business/side hustle when you’re there but you’re also busy and stressing about exams. So basically, how do I become Margaret Zhang!!

    Annie xxx

  • Anastacia

    What is the best advice that you could give a college student today?

  • Taylr J

    What are your top 5 cities that are a must see?

    Taylr –

  • Maddy Tav

    I’ve been following you guys for a while and I want to know 3 things :D:
    1) What are your favorite resources for transforming your life?
    2) What are your top favorite books?
    3) What youtube channels do you recommend?

    Thank you <3

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